iPod Accessory : Holiday Guide

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Incase Protective Cover for iPod touch

One of the most important things to do when you purchase a new iPod Touch is to get a protective covering for it to help extend its life. Incase has a nice cover at a fairly reasonable price. You have the choice of three colors, black, pink and green. It is a thin yet effective case. You may want to add a screen protector with this purchase, but preventing the case of the iPod from getting cracked is extremely important, because a crack in your iPod most likely will void your warranty. You can purchase the Incase protective cover from the Apple store for $29.95. It’s a great first gift for someone just receiving an iPod.

Bose® Around-Ear Headphones

The Bose around-ear headphones are probably the best headphones I have ever listened to music through. I am normally a firm believer in the headphones that actually fit in your ear, but the around the ear fit of these headphones fit comfortably. The layer of padding inside the headphone cushion the ear as well, while not deadening the sound at all. The equalizer built-in to the headphones helps give you a full and amazing sound that the standard Apple earphones just can’t give. The only downer to these headphones, is the price. Most headphones run anywhere from $10-40. These however are a whopping $139.95. Keep in mind though that you will probably not find a better sounding headphone. They come with their own carrying case to help keep them safe and a one year warranty. A great gift for anybody who is married to their MP3 player and music.

Kensington Car Mount for iPod

If you’re anything like me, then you probably rarely listen to CD’s when you have your iPod in your car. Well to make things a little safer and easier for drivers, the Kensington car mount sticks to your car window allowing for easy viewing. This mount not only holds your iPod, but also the iPhone, so if you use your iPhone as your primary iPod then this will fit it as well. The arm of the mount is flexible so you can adjust where you iPod sits. With that flexibility comes sturdiness as well. You will not have to worry about your iPod flying out of the holster. It is extremely stable, and who wants to be hit in the face by their own iPod. The single button release is supported by legs to help keep your iPod in the holster until it is grabbed. The Kensington Car Mount for the iPod is $29.95 and a great buy for those who use their MP3’s in their cars.

Apple Universal Dock

This is probably the accessory I have used the most out of anything, and I really didn’t expect it. When I got the dock, I figured it’d be nice just to have my iPod upright and look a little more presentable, no joke. Well I hooked my computer speakers up to the dock and it’s so much nicer using the remote control that accompanies it. I also don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the iPod cord and knocking the device off my desk, the floor is concrete, so not a good combination. Your iPod sits very nicely in the dock and fits every size iPod including the iPod Touch and the iPhone. You will have to drop about $49 for it, but believe me it will serve you well. Even if you don’t use the dock to play music through, you still have a nice and safe setup for your iPod.

Apple Composite AV Cable

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie from your iPod on your television? Well look no further than this composite AV cable. Simply connect it to your iPod, and then to your audio/video outlets on your television and your set to go. All of the purchased videos from iTunes can be viewed now on your big screen television. It will cost you $49 for it but it’s a pretty good investment if you’re a frequent movie watcher. There are a variety of cables that can be purchased similar to this, but you tend to get scrappy pixelated video. The sound sometimes has a buzz as well because it connects through the headphone jack. This one actually connects in the bottom of the iPod and can charge your iPod at the same time with the included iPod wall charger. A pretty good deal for just under $50 and a great gift for somebody who purchases many movies on iTunes.

Again, the iPod will most likely be a popular gift this year. Everyone loves their music, and the reliability of an iPod is unsurpassable. With your iPod though you want to have some awesome accessories to go with it. Look around your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart and you’ll find a mass array of products. Hopefully these few will give you some gift ideas for that certain someone.