Top 11 iPod Touch Tips & Tricks

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If you want to get the most out of your iPod Touch, follow these helpful tips and tricks!

Ten Tips + 1

1. If an application freezes and pressing the home button does not work push and hold the power button to reset the unit.

2. Pushing the power button and the home button at the same time will give you a screenshot in the iPod’s photo library. These photos will be downloadable to iPhoto when you connect to your Mac. For more on using photos and your iPod check out this article.

3. In your list of emails you can drag your finger to the left or right over an email and the delete button will appear. This works in some other programs also. For example, in NetNewsWire I can delete a feed.

4. Pushing the dots at the bottom of the icons will navigate you through the screens. This is great for editing your apps and icons. It avoids accidentally moving an icon when you are trying to switch pages (those who have experienced this will know what I am talking about).

5. To find out about the latest applications or the latest application sales use It is a great site for application news. I subscribe to their news app feed and their feed that tells you about price changes.

6. When organizing your icons clear the bottom icons that you always have visible. I temporarily put them on the back page. Now use that bottom row to easily move new icons to another page. When finished restore your old icons. You can also organize apps in iTunes and with iOS4 installed you can use “Folders.”

7 and 8. Regularly clear out the clutter by deleting unused apps. Make sure you sync to your computer first for easy access if you want them back. You can also redownload any app for free if you need to. (With the 2.2 update you are asked to rate your deleted apps if they are deleted from the Touch itself.)

9. Another new feature with the 2.2 update: you can now push the home button from any screen and go to the first one. I love this!

10. Turn frequently used websites into icons. In Safari click the “+” and choose “Add To Home Screen.”

11. When you delete apps directly on the iPod make sure they don’t reappear the next time you sync your iPod. I’ve had this happen numerous times. I make it a habit to uncheck deleted apps from the applications tab in iTunes after syncing and then I sync again.

There you go. Eleven tips to help you get the most out of your iPod Touch. Have more? Leave a comment to share your best iPod Touch tips and tricks.

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