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iPod Accessories

The iPod has quickly become the most popular MP3 player on the market, and to meet the growing demand for iPod accessories, many companies have created items that will work for iPods. There are styluses for the iPhone and iPod Touch, noise cancelling headphones that are perfect for travelling, solar charging stations, and even iPod docks that can hold more than one iPod at a time. Browse through the image gallery below, and take a look at all of the accessories available for iPod owners.

Griffin Stylus Pen

An inexpensive stylus designed for use with an iPod Touch or iPhone, this stylus by Griffin will not scratch your touch screen, while providing accurate and comfortable control. Useable by both left and right handed owners, this padded pen sells for $12.10 on Amazon.

Parrot Quadricopter

This innovative iPod accessory is a remote-controlled helicopter that operates through the use of an app on the iPod Touch. Remarkable, it can fly for up to twelve minutes. Users can see from a pilot’s perspective while flying directly on their iPod screen, and can download a number of apps to play virtual reality games with their RC Quadricopter from the app store. This device sells for $299.95 on Amazon.

iKross Screen Protectors

This screen protector is very inexpensive and fits perfectly onto an iPod Touch to help protect the screen from dirt, dust, and damage. Selling for only $0.83 on Amazon, this protector is a must buy for any new iPod Touch user who doesn’t want to damage their device.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

This sports kit from Nike allows iPod users to monitor their running progress through a wireless tracker that is placed inside their shoe. After a run, the iPod and tracker can be synced to iTunes and the Nike website to receive feedback and to chart progress. A great accessory for any athlete, or for those who simply want to get some exercise with their iPod in tow.

JBL On Stage Micro II

The JBL Micro II Speaker System supports most models of iPod and provides a crisp, loud sound that never has any sound inequalities or skips. The small design means that it is perfect for discreet home use, or can be used while travelling. It runs off of either 4 AAA batteries or from a wall outlet, and sells for $56.89 on Amazon.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

These amazing noise cancelling headphones not only cancel surrounding noise with a comfortable and snug fit and ample padding, they do so through a secure frequency. This means you will never have any interference with these headphones. Running off of a single AAA battery and lasting for 35 hours, these are the best noise cancelling headphones available for iPod users.

Apple In-Ear Headphones

These in-ear headphones by Apple are a step above the basic earbuds that come with every iPod, giving higher sound quality and a more comfortable fit as well as a built-in mic, volume controls, and music controls right on the wire. Selling for $59.88 on Amazon, these are a must for any ear bud fan.

Tune Belt Sport Armband for iPod Touch

This sport armband by Tune Belt is great for exercise, keeping your iPod secure and easily accessible while running, cycling, or simply walking. Easily adjustable and with room to store headphones, this armband is the best one available for the iPod Touch, and should be on your list if you listen to music while exercising a lot.

Generic Car Charger for Apple iPod

This car charger by Generic is a simple accessory that is very convenient, allowing iPods to be charged while driving to work or while on a road trip. With this $3.56 charger, the music on the road never stops.

GOgroove FlexSmart FM Transmitter

The GOgroove FlexSmart FM Transmitter allows you to play music through your cars stereos. This accessory also mounts the iPod, so it is easy to change the songs and volume without putting yourself in danger while driving. The cigarette charger makes sure that the iPod is always charged and ready to go. This accessory sells for $39.99 on Amazon.

Splash RaveSkin Case

This case for the iPod Touch is affordable (only $8.95) and provides grip and comfort with your iPod. The case makes sure that the iPod never slips or slides off of a surface, and makes it very easy to hold. With a sleek black design and secure fit, this is a great case for the iPod Touch.

2XL Spoke In-Ear Headphones

When it comes to iPod accessories, these in-ear headphones do not have the features included on Apple’s version. They do, however, provide high quality sound at a much lower price, selling for only $13.11. The best part is that they come in very stylish colors.

XTG Solar Charger for iPod

This innovative charger uses solar energy to charge iPods as well as most other USB powered devices. About the same size as an iPod Touch, this charger is a great way to save space and the environment by using a renewable resource to charge your mobile devices. Costing only $29.49 on Amazon, this accessory is a great buy.

Griffin PowerDock Dual Charging Station

The Griffin PowerDock Dual Charging Station allows you to charge two iPods at once, saving a lot of space. It also saves money, since the dock only costs $19.95. Fitting all models of iPod, this dock is ideal for families or people with more than one iPod.

Apple Music System Remote

The Apple Music System Remote for iPod allows users to control their iPod while it is docked, accessing and controlling songs, photos, and videos. This remote will also work with any Macintosh computers with Frontrow installed to watch videos and movie trailers, and is a must buy for any Apple fan. The remote costs $17.50 and will work with any Apple product.


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