What are the Functions of Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder

What are the Functions of Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder
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The Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder is a sleek device with many features. While it may appear to be just like many other MP3 players available today, the Nextar player has a huge advantage over its competitors with the functions that it offers.

An MP3 player has to be rugged and able to withstand many forms of abuse, including dropping the player, or subjecting it to intense heat, or rain. The ruggedness of the Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder can stand up with many comparable players on the market today. The player measures about four inches long and less than one inch high, making it really easy to place in your pocket. This small design also allows it to be lightweight, which can help a lot if you plan on running or exercising with the device.

A Detailed Look


While many think that a pink MP3 player such as the Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder is only made for small children, this device can give the larger devices a definite run for the money. It has a sleek design while sporting a small LCD screen for navigating through the different menus and songs. It is powered by a single triple A (AAA) battery that fits neatly into the rear of the device. It is small enough to fit into mounting units, or even into your pockets with the dimensions of only 4x1x0.8 inches.

Its Functions

The true measure of any MP3 player is the functions that it has to offer. A simple rundown of the menu functions of the Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player will give you a better idea of what this particular MP3 player has to offer.

Seven EQ modes

The Nextar has you covered if you like a particular genre of music. It has a function that allows you to change the equalization of the audio. The device supports seven different EQ modes that include: Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Natural, Bass, and Soft. This function allows you to personalize the player to suite you better.

Easily Connect the Nextar MP3 Player to Your Computer

The player comes with a USB cable that allows you to easily connect it to your laptop or desktop computer. Having this function allows you to move MP3 files onto the device. Putting songs on the device is fairly quick since the Nextar supports USB 2.0 high speed transfer interface.

The Voice Recorder

Another one of the great features of the Nextar MA933A-5P 512MB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder is just that, the voice recorder. Using the device as a voice recorder, you can record memos to play back later. With the size of the device being so small, it makes a great pocket recorder that you can carry with you almost anywhere. The Nextar MP3 player with voice recorder also has functions which allow you to change some of your recordings, including a WOW effect setting.

Navigating the Device

While the LCD screen is small on this device, it is amazing crisp and easy to read. The menus which are presented are easy to understand and navigate. This function makes the device manageable for even non-technical persons. The device also supports auto power-off, in case you forget and leave it on. This important function saves battery life of the device.

The Good & The Bad of the MP3 Player

While the Nextar MP3 player has some really great features, it also has a few drawbacks. One in particular is the memory size. The device only holds 512 mb of data, which means that it will not support a huge library of music. It also will not support video, which is standard on many of the MP3/MP4 devices that are out today. Of course, with the LCD screen being so small, it is easy to understand why it doesn’t support video or a touch screen. While these missing features can put some individuals off, other people actually like the fact that the device is simple to use. For instance, if you were purchasing this device for your child, you wouldn’t need to worry about them watching videos which are inappropriate.

These negatives, however, are outweighed by the fact that the Nextar MP3 player is incredibly affordable. That, coupled with the unique function of a voice recorder with built in microphone, makes the device hugely popular with a large array of consumers.

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