Ipod Touch Contacts: Manage and Sync With Third-Party Programs

Ipod Touch Contacts: Manage and Sync With Third-Party Programs
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How to Delete a Contact Manually

Let’s say one of your iPod Touch contacts list is out of date or perhaps you no longer need those contacts listed on your device. Do you have to delete the list from the program you sync it with on your computer? Nope! You can remove it from the device itself.

Log into your iPod Touch and select the Contacts icon. Click on the contact you no longer need. Choose the Edit button from the top right of the next slide, which is called Info. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page until you reach a red Delete Contact button. Press this button and then confirm the deletion by pressing the red button that appears on top of it. If you change your mind and decide you do not want to delete it in the end, select Cancel instead of Delete Contact.

How to Add Contacts on an iPod Touch 4th Generation

So maybe you want to know if there is anything different about adding a contact to newer iPods than old ones. To answer your question of “How do you add contacts on iPod Touch 4th generation,” it is simple: the process is no different from previous generations.

Here is how to do it. Log into your iPod Touch and select the Contacts icon again. Press the little + button on the top right of the page, next to the words All Contacts. This will launch a new contact for you to edit.

Tap any field to edit it. You get to choose from names, company name, mobile phone number, home email, website URL and address fields. You can also press the Add Field tab to add a customized field, such as birthday or nickname.

Select the Add Photo icon on the Contact slide to select a photo from the photo album on your iPod Touch. Tap the desired photo, and then slide it around the window to get it the size and proportion you want. Click Choose to confirm that you want to use this picture for your contact.

When you are done editing, press Done. Alternatively, click Cancel to back out of the contact editing page.

Adding Outlook Express Contacts

If you do not want to manage all your contacts manually, perhaps you want to know how to sync contacts from a computer program. If you would like to add Outlook Express contacts to your iPod Touch, the process is the same no matter what program you use.

Here is how to do it. Plug your iPod into the computer and launch iTunes. Wait for iTunes to recognize the iPod and display the name in the Devices pane on the left side of the window. If you are on iTunes 7, 8 or 9, select the Contacts button. On iTunes 10, select the Info button and then look at the Contacts category.

Place a check mark on the Synchronize contacts from… box. This will open up a new drop-down menu with a list of options available to you on your computer. Naturally, if you want to sync from Outlook Express, it must be installed on this computer.

Select Outlook Express (or any other option, for that matter) from the drop-down menu. Choose Apply to sync the contacts from Outlook Express to your iPod Touch.

Remember that if you sync these contacts from the program, you may not be able to edit them or delete them manually from your iPod Touch directly. If you need to edit those contacts and keep them updated with your Outlook Express, then you will need to add or delete them from OE itself, not from the iPod.

In addition, whenever you plug in your iPod and sync it, it will re-sync with your Outlook Express contacts, so remember that if you have to make significant changes to either program or device.

More Tips for Contacts

Managing iPod Touch contacts is easy no matter what method you choose to manage them, whether manually or with automatic syncing. However, if you think you will have problems with Outlook Express or other programs syncing automatically with your contacts every time you plug in your iPod, you might consider making certain that iTunes does not automatically sync your iPod every time you plug it in.

You can manually manage your iPod sync times by plugging in your iPod, opening iTunes and selecting the iPod device name from the left side of the pane under Devices as you did above. In the Summary tab on the right, un-check the option that says, Open iTunes when this iPod is connected. This will keep your material from automatically syncing all the time. You can also check the box in the same area that says, Manually manage music and videos to keep the device from automatically syncing when plugged in.

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