How Do I Convert MP3 to Zune Format?

How Do I Convert MP3 to Zune Format?
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Converting MP3 to Zune Format

It’s a work of few clicks to convert MP3 files into Zune format audio (WMA) and vice versa. However, you may need to spend a few dollars to buy and install software that can convert your MP3 files into WMA. Software that will convert MP4 videos into Zune video format is also described in this article.

After downloading and installing the software, you just import your favorite MP3 files into it, and then select the WMA conversion option. You can convert WMA file back to MP3 with a similar procedure. The same steps can also be used for converting MP4 videos into Zune video format but with different software.

If you want to know how to convert MP3 files into Zune format, then here are described the steps involved in the process. We also list some software options with their pros and cons.

Software to Convert MP3 Files into WMA and Vice Versa

Applian Technologies Replay Converter

  • This software is very popular for converting MP3 files into WMA
  • This software is little expensive, you can buy it for $29.95.
  • It supports lots of other formats to convert into other.
  • The appearance of this software is nice, and it also provides the facility to drag and drop the desired files.
  • The converting speed of this software is comparatively slow. It converts the files with maximum speed of 128 kbps.
  • You will only need to select desired type of the file that needs to convert, and the type that you want to convert into.
  • The company will give you full tutorial to understand how to convert them easily.

However, if you want something cheap, then there is another program, Koyote Software’s Free Converter. It is free to use, and offers good service to convert MP3 into WMA and vice versa. Its conversion speed is double, which is up to 320 kbps.

Software to Convert MP4 files into Zune Video format

Free Zune Video Convertor 1.1

  • It’s a free to use software, and offers good service to convert MP4 files to Zune.

  • It can be used to convert more formats, such as DivX, XviD, MPEG, MPG, WMV, MOV FLV etc**,** into Zune.

  • It can extract audio tracks from video files, and convert them to MP3.

  • This software allows you to define the output file size and other parameters. It converts the file according to the parameters defined by you.

  • It doesn’t require large space to download. The size of the software is 26 MB**.**

  • You don’t need to install this software. Because of this, it offers the advantage of portability, and it can be used via portable devices. You just extract all files from ZIP archive to any folder, and click the ZuneConverter.exe file.

  • It supports 2 languages, which are English and Polish.

Alive Zune Video Converter

  • It is also famous software to convert MP4 files to Zune format. The company claims that it converts the files only by a couple of clicks.
  • The most important advantage of buying this software is its better conversion speed. It provides friendly interface and detailed helping tutorials.
  • This software also allows you to extract audio track from any video, and you can play them on Zune after the conversion.
  • Similar to the first one, it also allows you to set the parameters of the files, and converts them accordingly.
  • It offers additional facility to load multiple files; after this, you can schedule the time of conversion of each file.
  • It supports Drag and drop technique to load files into the software. Just drag and drop number of files, and click the ‘convert’ tab to convert them at one time.

ImTOO Zune Video Converter

  • It’s the most advanced software among the three. It provides better service to convert MP4 into Zune format.

    ImTOO Zune Video Converter

  • You can specify and define the size of the output file more easily.

  • It can split the whole video into segments, and converts the specified segment into Zune format.

  • The conversion speed offered by this software is better compared to others. It also offers full guidance to convert MP4 files into Zune format.

  • The negative part of this software is that it takes 100 MB space to install, and it is comparatively expansive.

  • It offers the advantage to capture images from any video, and save them as JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files.

  • Better customization is the main advantage of this software. The company offers its trail version of size 28.6 MB. You can download and install the full version of the software after paying $29.95.

Instructions After The Installation of the Software

Run the Software

After installing the software, run the software by double clicking the icon of the software.

Choose the files

The next step is to choose the files that you want to convert. Choose the files, and keep the file locations in you find. Besides, it’s better if you separate the desired files using a different folder. Create a new folder on the desktop, and copy and paste the desired files into it.

Import the files into the software

Now, you will need to import the files into the software. Click on the ‘File’ tab and browse the files from the folder. Usually, such types of software offer you the facility to convert multiple files into Zune at one time. Therefore, you can import as much files as you wish.

Convert the files into Zune

It’s the last step of the whole conversion. The ‘Convert’ tab is provided in the converter window. After importing the desired MP3 files, click on the ‘Convert’ tab. When you click the tab, all the files will be converted into Zune compatible files.

This is how do I convert MP3 files into Zune format.


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