What Is the Best FM Transmitter for Sansa MP3 Players?

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SanDisk e100 FM Transmitter

The SanDisk e100 FM Transmitter (Price: $30) is the official SanDisk product for listening to music via FM radio. As such, it is specifically designed for the Sansa MP3 player, which is a huge plus when compared to other products that focus on the needs of the other popular MP3 players, such as the iPod. It includes three preset buttons that you can set to any FM frequency, which allows for easy switching between channels in the case of static or other radio interference. You can power it via your car’s cigarette lighter plug or with battery power, which makes it easy to use in your car or on the go. It even includes a clip to attach it directly to your MP3 player. Given how well designed this product is for the Sansa MP3 player, it is really a great choice. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey, so if you are looking for a cheaper option, keep reading.

DLO TransDock FM Transmitter for Sandisk Sansa

The DLO FM Transmitter (Price: $10), while not made by SanDisk, is still specifically targeted at the Sansa. It is a well designed product at an affordable price. You can charge it with your car’s power output, making it easy to use without having to worry about keeping batteries charged. It even charges your Sansa’s battery during use, so if you use the transmitter frequently enough, you may not need to charge your Sansa anywhere else. Its four-foot long cable ensures that it will be able to reach wherever it needs to within the confines of most vehicles without having to worry about constantly untangling the thing. In addition, given how much inexpensive it is than the official SanDisk option, this may be the perfect match for consumers on a tighter budget.

Griffin 10008-SNSATA iTrip Auto FM Transmitter

The Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter (Price: $30) is a great choice for people who want a simple, efficient solution to their Sansa transmitter needs. Consisting of a plug for your Sansa on one end, a small display to control the transmitter in the middle, and then another plug for your car’s cigarette lighter output at the other end, it is very easy to understand and use without hassle. Its backlit LCD display is great for nighttime use, and changing the FM frequency is as easy as clicking a single button, with ‘+’ raising the frequency and ‘-’ lowering it. Best of all, it includes a one year warranty, so if anything goes wrong you won’t have to worry about purchasing another transmitter. Thanks to its simplicity and great design, the Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter will work very well for anybody who just wants a transmitter that they can use without hassle.

Maximo FM Transmitter and Car Charger for Sansa Mp3 Players

The Maximo FM Transmitter and Car Charger (Price: $30) combines the simplicity and elegance of Griffin’s transmitter with some of the extra features that can be found in DLO and SanDisk’s products. Its design is actually simpler than the Griffin device, with the LCD display being designed into the plug that goes into the car’s power adapter. It features the preset buttons that we previously saw in the SanDisk e100, allowing you to pre-choose several different radio frequencies in the case of interference from local radio stations or issues with static. It also charges your Sansa while in use, making it easy to keep your MP3 player charged up and ready for a day of heavy listening. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use option, but with a few more features than Griffin’s offering, the Maximo FM Transmitter is perfect for you.

Soundfly FM Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, and Mp3 Players

The Soundfly FM Transmitter (Price: $35) is possibly the most powerful option out of all the transmitters we have looked at in this article. Along with working for any mp3 player, it also can play music from SD cards and USB sticks. Like the other options, it is powered with your car’s power adapter, though it does not charge the Sansa during use. Perhaps the coolest feature of this transmitter is that it shows the artist and song being played at any given time, thanks to its Radio Data System technology. It also features a remote control, making it easy to change frequencies without having to lean over wherever the actual console is located. While this device is not specifically designed for Sansa, this great transmitter will work perfectly for a wide variety of options, and has some unique features that you will not find anywhere else.

The Best FM Transmitter For You

As we have seen in this article, there are many different options to choose from when picking which FM Transmitter is right for you. If you are looking for the official product, then the SanDisk e100 FM Transmitter is clearly the best option for you. If, on the other hand, you want many features that you may not get with the official product, the Soundfly transmitter is definitely the most powerful choice. Maximo and Griffin’s offerings are simple, allowing you to listen to your music without worrying about troubleshooting your device, and the DLO transmitter is excellent for a consumer on a budget. Between all these choices, there is bound to be the right transmitter for you.

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