How Do I Upload Photos to the iPod Touch?

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Organize Pictures on your Computer

First thing to do is to organize the photos you want to upload to your iPod touch. iTunes will only upload photos by folder. With music, in iTunes you can drag and drop single MP3’s at a time. With photos it is different. You can separate the photos by putting them in different folders on your computer and upload each folder separately.

Upload Photos to iPod Touch

Connect your iPod Touch to your computer via the USB cable. Open iTunes if it doesn’t automatically open when you connect the Touch. The iPod is listed on the left side of the screen under Devices. Click on this and on the right it shows you information about the iPod Touch.

Click the photos tab at the top of the screen. Check the Sync photos from checkbox and then select the folder your pictures are stored in from the drop down list. You have the choice to upload all folders if you have more than one folder within that folder. You also have the option to select Selected Folders. When you choose this option, the folders you have to choose from is listed in the Folders section. Check the folders you want to upload and click the Sync button. Allow the pictures to upload to your iPod Touch. This process may take a few minutes, depending upon how many photos you are uploading.

Photos on the iPod Touch

When you finish uploading the photos, check the iPod Touch to make sure they uploaded correctly. On the home screen, press the Photo icon. Browse through the photos and make sure the photos you uploaded are there. When the photos first open, they show as thumbnail images. To see the full image of the photo, press on it and it opens fullscreen. You can browse the photos by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the iPod Touch to go forward to backward.

Photos as Background

Did you know you can use the photos you upload to the iPod Touch as the background on the home screen and lock screen? Of course, there are also many backgrounds you can get from the Web.

To set use your photos to change your home and/or lock screen on your iPod, press the Photos icon on the main screen. Find the photo you want to use as your background or lock screen and press on it to enlarge it. Press the folder icon on the bottom left of the iPod that has an arrow going through it. Press Use as Wallpaper, press Set and press either Set Lock Screen or Set Home Screen. It automatically changes the background.

If you use a Mac, you can use iPhoto to upload pictures to the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, there is not a version of iPhoto for the Windows operating system.


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