How Do I Transfer Songs to My iPod Manually? This Guide Will Show You How

How Do I Transfer Songs to My iPod Manually? This Guide Will Show You How
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How Do I Transfer Songs to My iPod Manually?

No matter what type of iPod you have, whether it’s an iPod classic, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, the method for manually transferring songs to your iPod is identical. Since iTunes treats each device in relatively the same manner, it makes sense that you can make the same change to each device and have it perform consistently across the board.

How to Tell iTunes to Allow Manual Song Transfers

Begin by plugging your iPod into a USB port in your computer using the USB cord that came with the iPod. Launch iTunes if it did not start automatically when you plugged your iPod in.

After iTunes syncs with your iPod, select your iPod in the left sidebar. You should see the “Summary” tab appear in the window pane.

Towards the bottom of the Summary tab you should see a command called “Manually manage music and videos.” Click your mouse to place a check mark by this command.

Press “Apply” to save your preferences. You will now be able to drag and drop music into your iPod from other sources.

How to Drag and Drop Files into Your iPod

So now you’ve got the “how do I transfer songs to my iPod manually” command out of the way. But how do you actually start transferring music?

Open up the folder location of the songs you want to transfer over. These might be located anywhere on your computer.

Select the “Music” category beneath the name of your iPod in the iTunes left sidebar. A list of the songs currently on your iPod should appear in the window pane.

Use your left mouse button to select the files you want to add to your iPod. Drag them from the folder to the “Music” category in your iPod. Do only a couple at a time, otherwise iTunes might lock up, especially if you’re using a PC.

You can keep an eye on the status of the sync by looking at the top of the iTunes window. It might say “Copying [Name of file]” or “Determining Gapless Playback Information.” Wait until it reads “Sync Complete” to add more files or eject your device.

You can also do the same with other file types. You will now be able to add movie files from your computer to the iPod, as long as they are in a compatible format. Ipod devices generally support MP4 movie files.

Keep in mind that, since you are now manually transferring music to your iPod, your iPod will no longer automatically sync with your library. Thus, if you add songs to your iPod library and expect them to automatically sync with your iPod the next time you plug it in, they won’t.

You can drag and drop songs from the library pane into the music tab similarly to the way that you did with the file folders. Simply highlight the desired songs in the library tab and drag them over the “Music” category label in the left sidebar. You’ll see a little “+” button appear. Let go of the files, and they will automatically copy over.

That’s it! To return to automatic syncing, simply go back to the Summary tab and uncheck the “Manually manage” option and click “Apply.”


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