RCA MP3 Player Troubleshooting Tips & Fixes

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RCA MP3 Player Not Working: Dealing with the Problems

RCA MP3 players are great budget alternatives to expensive players like the Apple iPod. These players provide you with a variety of features and offer amazing sound quality. But, even so, you may still run into some problems with your player. Here are some RCA MP3 player troubleshooting tips to help you fix what’s going wrong with your player.

Not Playing Certain Files

One common issue that RCA MP3 player users run into is that their player won’t play WMA songs. If that’s the case, first try transferring your music through your Windows Media Player. If you don’t have this program, then go to your online music service provider and find their recommendations for uploading WMA music.

If you are using iTunes, then you cannot transfer your music from iTunes to your player. RCA players do not support iTunes.

Deleting Files from Your RCA MP3 Player

Some users do not know how to delete files from their RCA player. There are two ways to do this: directly on your player or while your player is connected to your computer. To delete files from the player itself, go into the Option menu. You can access this menu by hitting the Play/Pause button when you are playing the song that you want to delete.

To delete a song while your player is connected to your computer, go into the player’s directory, and select the song that you want to delete. Then, simply hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Updating Your Firmware

If your player won’t load properly when you turn it on, then you may not have the latest firmware update. To update your firmware, download the update from the RCA website. Then press down the play/pause button for about 15 seconds, and then hold down the menu button for about 10 seconds. Plug your player into computer, and keep holding the play/pause button. After you plug it in, your player should automatically start downloading the firmware.

While you are downloading the firmware, you may run into the following error message: “can’t write to disk”. Do not shut down the firmware update. Instead, go to “My Computer”, and go into the drive your player. Right-click on the player, and select the format the player option. Then, try reinstalling the firmware on your player.

Repeating or Skipping Songs

Another issue that RCA MP3 player owners run into is that their music will skip, or the same song just keeps playing. If your player is skipping, then there is something wrong with the track. Try deleting it, and re-recording the track. When you are recording it, turn on the Error Correction setting. This will correct any issue with the track before you upload to your recorder.

You may also have the problem of the same or group of songs playing over and over again. This happens when you have the “Repeat play” button turned on. To fix this, hold down the “Play” button until the “Options” menu appears. Scroll through the options, and take your play mode off of skip.


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