Learn How to Reset an RCA Pearl MP3 Player

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Troubleshooting a RCA Pearl MP3 Player

So, you’re trying to play a song on your RCA Pearl MP3 player, and it freezes. Now, you are faced with a problem: how to reset an RCA Pearl MP3 player after it freezes? Well, you can cross off running to a repair shop or back to the place that you bought it. You probably don’t need to go that far. There are some simple things that you can do to reset your player.

Taking Out the Battery

First, just try removing the battery. This effectively resets your player. Wait a few seconds, and then put the battery back in. None of your settings will be changed so you don’t need to worry about everything going back to the factory default settings. You will, however, lose any changes that you were trying to make before the MP3 player froze.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that you don’t have the Lock function enabled. If you do, then turn it off. It this feature is enabled, then you player won’t respond to your commands.

If your player suffered any type of electrostatic disturbance like lightening nearby, then this could cause the problem. Try turning the machine on and off to try to get it to start responding again. You can also try taking out the battery again.

Changing Your Settings

Also, make sure that your settings are not set to turn off automatically. This sometimes causes your player to freeze. To change them, head to your My Settings options, and change your Power Save option to None.

Firmware Update

If none of the above options work, then you need to update your firmware. Only use this as a last resort since you will effectively erase your MP3 player. Use this option especially if you are getting a corrupt file or cannot connect error when you try to sync player with your computer.

Plug in your MP3 player to your computer via the USB cord. Then go to your Start Menu, and go into either Computer or My Computer depending on your version of Windows. Find the drive with your player, and right-click on it. Select Format from the dropdown menu.

Then go to the RCA Audio/Video website and download the latest firmware update. Once you are done downloading and installing the firmware update, unplug your MP3 player from your computer, and try rebooting it. Finally, re-import your songs.

You can also try just installing the firmware update, but most of the time you have to reformat your RCA Pearl MP3 player. But, you are welcome to try it because it will save you a few steps if it works.

Take It to a Professional

If that still doesn’t help, and your player is still under warranty, send it back to RCA or take it back to the store. If not, then try getting it fixed, but sometimes it costs more to fix your player than it is to just get a new one.