Learn What to Do if PC is Picking Up iPod as Camera

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When Your Computer Confuses Your iPod with a Camera

You just bought a new iPod, and you want to get the latest firmware for it. Or, you may just want to upload your music to it. So, you plug it into your computer, and you get a strange message. Instead of pulling your iPod up as an iPod, your Windows-based computer is trying to retrieve software for a camera! Now, you are asking yourself a question: what to do if PC is picking up iPod as camera?

Well, the problem doesn’t really lie with the computer. You see the modern iPods are now more than merely a music player. They act as digital cameras and video players, and this confuses your computer. But, there are some things that you do that cause your PC to think that your iPod is a camera.

Disk Mode

The first thing that you want to do is check and see if you are in disk mode. This means that you have setup your device as either a USB storage device or external hard drive. You can do this on iPod Touches and Nanos.

The computer reads what’s stored on the device, and it sees pictures and videos. It automatically thinks that it’s dealing with a camera so it starts searching for camera software.

To take your iPod out of disk mode, depress the center and menu button at the same time, and hold it down until your screen goes blank. As your iPod reboots, hold down the play or the play and center button. The buttons that you need to hold down really depend on your version of the iPod. Check the Apple Support website for more help.

Dealing with iTunes Issues

Another issue that you may have deals with iTunes not opening when you plug in your device. This occurs when you have iTunes set not to open as soon as you plug in your device, or if your computer is infected and another program has usurped iTunes.

In that case, your Windows computer is trying to find some software that works with your device. You may even receive the pop-up that asks if you want to see a slideshow of your photos. Click “no” if that happens.

If you think that something has taken over your iTunes, run your virus scan, or try reinstalling or updating iTunes. If that doesn’t work, try installing the latest Apple Mobile Device USB drivers, especially if you can’t get your device to connect at all.

Change Windows Settings

You can also change your Windows settings to “Take no action” when you plug in your iPod or camera. Depending on your version of Windows, these settings are located in either the “Select an event” or the “Devices” tab in your Control Panel.

For example, if you are using Windows XP, go to “Select an event”, and then “Camera Connected”. In the dropdown menu, select “Camera connected”, and click the radio button next to “Take no action”.

In Vista and Windows 7, these settings are within the “Devices” tab.