How Do I Download Music to My Coby Mp3 Player? A Quick Tutorial

How Do I Download Music to My Coby Mp3 Player? A Quick Tutorial
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So, how do I download music to my Coby MP3 player?

This tutorial will show you how to how to extract your favorite audio tracks from your CDs using Windows and download them to your Coby MP3 player.

Before we get started, let’s make sure that you have the necessary software setup in your computer so that you could proceed with downloading music to your MP3 player without a hitch.


First of all, you must have at least Windows XP running in your system. The next step would be to ensure you have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed in your computer.

Done with that, you would need to get your Coby MP3 player ready with the USB cable to connect it to your computer. Don’t also forget the audio CDs you want to rip music tracks from for your personal use.

Rip Audio CD and Sync to MP3 Player

You can directly rip your audio CDs to MP3 or WMA with Windows Media Player. Follow the steps below.

  1. After launching Windows Media Player, you would want to click on Tools and then Options.

  2. In the Options window choose Rip Music

  3. **

    **Under Rip settings, you would want to choose MP3.

  4. The next step would be to choose the audio tracks you want to rip.

  5. Once you’re done with ripping your desired audio tracks, you would want to connect your MP3 player to your computer’s USB port.

  6. Click on the Sync Tab in the Windows Media Player Interface. The next step would be to choose the directory of your source MP3 files. Once you’ve chosen the directory where your music files are stored, you will see a list of your files in the Sync List in the left panel.

  7. Tick the tracks you want to download to your Coby MP3 player. Done with that, click on the Start Sync tab above the Sync List panel. Your tracks will now be transferred to your MP3 player.

Drag and Drop Method

So, how do I download music to my Coby MP3 player if the Sync method doesn’t work? Don’t panic if this happens. It’s just that some Coby MP3 players don’t support downloading music files through the Sync method.

If the Sync method doesn’t work, then you can always resort to the drag and drop method. Let’s take a look at how this works.

  1. Once you have connected your MP3 player to your computer, it will be recognized as a Removable Disk. Open the folder to view the files in the player. At this stage you may want to create a new folder to which you want to transfer your music files to.

  2. New Removable Disk

    The next step would be to open the folder where your source music files are stored. This is usually the My Music folder in My Documents. Then select the music files you want to copy. Then click on Copy the Selected Items in the left panel.

  3. Select Removable Disk and select the folder you want the music files copied to. Done with that, you can click on Copy. The copying process will be executed and your desired MP3 files will be transferred to your Coby MP3 player within minutes.

  4. When the copying process is completed select Safely Remove Device from the Windows task bar and choose USB Mass Storage Device and stop the drive where your MP3 player is plugged into.

You can now unplug your MP3 player and listen to the music files you have transferred.

You’ve seen the answer to, “how do I download music to my Coby MP3 player?” and now it’s your turn to try either of these two methods.