Top Three Sansa Fuze Media Converter Software Options - For Free!

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Using Media Converters

A free Sansa Fuze media converter generally does the trick for changing most video and music formats into compatible files. However, no software ever guarantees complete success.

Every converter has its kryptonite, so to speak. Sometimes the converters don’t offer the appropriate settings options for users, so their videos might end up a little distorted. In addition, if there is a digital protection on the files, there’s not much likelihood that the converter can touch it.

Other glitches include dropped sound or dropped images. Sansa Fuze media converter options do their best to keep the two parts interleaved, but every once in a while you have to convert the file more than once to get a complete conversion.

You shouldn’t run into these glitches often. If you download more than one converter, you’ll keep your options open if one doesn’t work for a particular file.

Sansa Media Converter

SanDisk, Sansa’s parent company, recommends using Sansa Media Converter for files. This converter takes care of most file types, including AVI and MPEG. But it won’t convert music, which is why you might need more than one conversion software for all your needs.

Many users also complain that Sansa Media Converter drops the sound a lot. While that can be said for many programs, it seems this one is really known for it. So bear that in mind if you intend on using it.

The one upside is that, once you convert your file with Sansa Media Converter, it should be fully compatible with your Sansa Fuze. It might not like files from other converters, but these two were virtually made for each other.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is free for a nearly-unlimited version and a small price for the full software. You can generally get by just fine with the free version.

Any Video Converter stands head and shoulders over Sansa Media Converter because it will convert audio as well as video. Just tell it to do an “audio only” conversion, and you can easily choose your MP3 or AAC settings, both of which are compatible with the Sansa Fuze.

Quick Media Converter

The final Sansa Fuze media converter option on our list is Quick Media Converter. Much like Any Video Converter, it supports video and audio files. Better still, it gives users every option in the book for free.

Quick Media Converter features many settings for iPhone, iPod and other MP3 player types. Simply choose your screen resolution or desired bit rate for each file, and you can begin the conversion.

This program, in addition to Any Video Converter, can process batch files. So if you need to convert 10 videos at a time, drag and drop the files into the pane, place a check mark by each, and let it run. It’s best not to do too much on the computer while it’s converting, but you can still browse the internet, check email or work on a text document.

The one drawback to Quick Media Converter is that it gets hinky with certain operating systems. Switch to Any Video Converter if it doesn’t work too well on your computer’s platform.


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