Digital Stream DTX9950 DTV Converter Box Product Review

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Digital Stream DTX9950 DTV Converter Box Features

Digital Stream’s DTX9950 digital television (DTV) converter box is a simple yet versatile product with helpful features. This compact, light-weight converter box converts digital television signals to analog so that they can be displayed on an analog television. If you are not ready to upgrade to a digital TV, getting the Digital Stream DTX9950 converter box is the ideal solution to the recent digital transition. This converter is capable of receiving free-to-air digital television signals, including HDTV signals. It includes an electronic programming guide (EPG) interface, parental controls, advanced Closed Caption and a universal infrared remote. It’s also Energy Star certified.

Our Experience with the DTV Converter Box

We used our DTV coupons to buy two identical Digital Stream DTX9950 DTV Converter Boxes for two different rooms. From the moment I installed our converter boxes, they functioned fairly well. The menus were intuitive and easy to navigate. I was able to complete the digital channel auto-scan quickly and easily. We already had an amplified UHF/VHF antenna which picked up quite a few digital channels. However, with this antenna, the digital channels we could watch were limited. The channels we were able to get in the bedroom were different than the ones we could pick up in the living room, so I couldn’t blame the Digital Stream converter boxes for the problem. Instead, a radio tower within view of our home seemed to be the primary culprit.


Performance of the Digital Stream DTX9950 DTV Converter Box

I replaced our old antenna with an amplified HDTV antenna in the living room, and we were able to pick up more channels. I was able to pick up programming from our local PBS, CBS and NBC stations, a 24-hour children’s station called QUBO, and a local station that broadcast ION TV. Due to the reception problems, I was never able to receive ABC in the living room, but in the bedroom it came in very well. Some digital broadcasts are divided up into four separate signals with different programming in each, and I enjoyed this when I was able to pick it up. Our local NBC and CBS stations broadcast weather on the additional channels.

One of the features I enjoyed the most about Digital Stream’s DTX9950 digital TV converter box was the electronic programming guide (EPG.) It was much more convenient and immediate than using the TV guide from our local newspaper. It felt almost like having free cable or satellite TV. However, due to the constant reception problems I decided to place the DTV converter boxes in other rooms and upgrade to satellite TV. Currently I use the DTV converters for emergencies when our satellite TV isn’t working.

I would recommend this DTV converter box if you’re able to get adequate digital signal strength in your area. If you’re having serious reception problems, you will probably need an outdoor antenna to pick up digital television using this DTV converter.