Blu Ray DVD Club - A Review of Netflix

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If you want the very best picture and sound quality for your home theater system, then you need to get a Blu-Ray player for watching movies on your HDTV. As if the equipment weren’t already expensive enough, Blu-Ray movies still cost much more than regular DVD’s. In these tough economic times, why spend all that money on building up a collection of Blu-Ray movies that you may never watch again when you can just join an online rental club like Netflix?

I have been a Netflix subscriber for many years and rarely ever rent movies from my local Blockbuster because I think their prices are too high and I just don’t like their business model. I’m sad to say that there aren’t any mom-and-pop video stores left where I live, which is really a shame. I used to support my local rental stores before they went out of business, and then I joined Netflix because I liked their online rental system and didn’t want to see Blockbuster become a home video rental monopoly.

How does Netflix work?

The way Netflix works is brilliant. You simply login to their website and start looking for movies you want to see, then click a button to add them to your rental queue. As soon as that movie is available, Netflix will send it to you in the mail. When you are finished watching it, you just return the movie in the same envelope. Turnaround time depends on where you live, but typically it is only 3-4 days, meaning that you will get your next movie a few days after you return one. If you watch one movie a night, you can just about time it so that you can have a new movie almost every night. The site also has great tools for recommending other movies based on the ones you’ve seen and rated, and you can even watch some movies online via their website.

Almost every new movie that comes out for rental on Netflix is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray form. The only ones not found in Blu-Ray are some independent or foreign releases, but the majority of the movies that most people would watch can be found in Blu-Ray. The beauty of it is that you can tell Netflix which version you want, so you don’t have to wait. This means you will get newer, in-demand movies faster, so long as you don’t mind watching in DVD or Blu-Ray. Because not as many people are using Blu-Ray yet, I’ve found that I have to wait less on new releases.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix does charge an extra fee for Blu-Ray rentals, but it is only $4 on top of the regular monthly fee. I think this is fair, all things considered. That’s less than what it costs you to rent one new release from Blockbuster, if you want to look at it that way. The cost of the ‘three at a time’ service is $20.99, plus $4 if you get Blu-Ray. It’s roughly the same as what you’d spend to rent five movies from Blockbuster, yet you could easily go through ten or more movies a month with Netflix if you watch them as soon as they come in. That price is either the same or less than the price on just one brand new Blu-Ray movie if you were to buy it.

Try it now!

Give Netflix a try, and if you are already a member, get yourself a Blu-Ray player so you can see and hear what you’ve been missing on standard DVD movies. Thanks to online movie rental services like Netflix, you don’t have to let the high cost of Blu-Ray movies keep you from experiencing the best in home cinema.