Guide: How to Find the Best Small LCD TV Prices

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So, you’re looking for that perfect LCD TV. It can be a challenging task. Finding the LCD TV is the easy part however finding a good price that will fit into your budget is the hard part. There are many tactics you can use to find a good price on a small LCD TV. One good strategy for finding the best price for a small LCD TV is to shop at specific times of the year. Another strategy is to keep an eye out for coupons and special discounts. Lets look more closely at how you can utilize these tactics effectively. Soon you’ll be on you’re way to finding a great LCD TV!

Best Times of Year to Shop

A great way to get the best small LCD TV prices is to shop at specific times of the year. The best times are before and after national holidays and key sporting events.

Stores are always trying to attract customers during holiday times. How do stores attract customers? Through Sales. Sales and good prices go hand in hand. So in other words, holidays lead to good prices. Whether it’s New Year’s Day or Halloween, stores offer good prices on holidays. Now with that being said sometimes it can be wise to wait till after the sale is over. Stores don’t advertise these discounts but they’re there. One of the best holidays to wait until after the sale is Christmas. This is because Christmas is the last major holiday of the year (New Year’s Eve doesn’t count) and stores are trying to get rid of the old models to bring in the models of the next year. However, even Christmas does not beat post-thanksgiving sales. Most people know these sales as Black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest day for sales. Prices are slashed by huge margins. Small LCD TVs can drop down more than 50% in price sometimes on this day. So if you’re looking for the best prices of the year be sure you’re ready for the day after Turkey Thursday, Black Friday.

Major sports games also present a good time to buy LCD TVs. The best sporting event is definitely the Super Bowl. Prices around this time are almost as good as during Christmas weekend.


Waiting for coupons can be a very wise thing to do. Coupons add up and can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Many times coupons can be used on top of sales and many times coupons can be combined for very large discounts. A good idea is to sign up via email for your favorite stores weekly ad. The weekly ad displays the deals of the week and it also offers coupons which could be of great use to you. Another way of acquiring coupons is to open up a credit card with the store or join a rewards program. The dividends of these memberships start pouring in. As the year goes on you will collect more and more points. By the time the holiday season is around you will have acquired enough points to get you a boatload of discounts. The last way to easily acuire coupons is to do a search on the internet for either printable coupons or coupon codes. Printable coupons are pretty self explanatory, they can be printed at home and redeemed at the store for a discounted price. Coupon codes apply when shopping on the internet. As you checkout there is normally an option that says promotional code or coupon code. If you have one of these codes it can really save you a lot of money.

You’ll be shocked at the price of your dream LCD TV after acquiring all these coupons. Your dream LCD will finally be within your budget.

Shop Online

Shopping on the internet is a great way to save money. Prices on the internet (especially for small LCD TVs) are very good. As I mentioned before you can also use coupon codes to save on the internet. The best part about shopping on the internet is you can make all the purchases from the comfort of your home. Many people prefer shopping online to shopping in store because it can be a much more relaxing experience. Now with that being said when shopping on the internet be careful of the site you’re purchasing from. Make sure it is a reliable and safe website. Don’t forget you are giving out your credit card number which always can be a risky thing. Some very useful tips on keeping your credit card information safe on the internet can be found here. Aside from credit card risks also be cautious of hidden fees like shipping costs.

Small LCD TV Recommendations

The following small LCD TVs maintain great affordable prices without losing quality and features. These are my recommendations:

- 1080p, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, deep blacks and stunning image.

- USB Drive and PC input make it a great LCD TV for presentations.

- Very sleek and small LCD TV. Uses invisible speaker system. Very versatile LCD TV. Good for all types of entertainment sports, movies, video games etc.

- 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p, 120Hz motion response time, extremely beautiful image quality. Almost no motion blur. One of the best small LCD TVs on the market, very impressive.

- Strong in the picture quality area. Very good for the price.


So if you use these tips I am sure you will have success in finding the best small LCD TV prices. Good luck shopping!