Guide to Video Projector Rentals: Choosing a Video Projector Rental Company & Tips on How to Avoid Damaging the Projector

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You may have a large flat screen television to go with your home theater setup, but there may be times when a video projector would be ideal for an occasion when there is going to be a large gathering of friends and family members. You may want to show your reedited wedding video on your wedding anniversary or even a short movie you’ve made and been keeping under wraps for a while. In such a situation, you would want to consider renting a video projector.

This article will discuss two areas in relation to video projector rentals. Firstly, we’ll look at aspects to consider when choosing a video projector rental company. Secondly, we’ll look at how you can care for your rented projector so that you won’t end up paying more than the cost of the rental.

Choosing a Video Projector Rental Company

Before you rush out and choose the first video projector company you come across, you will want to consider some factors that will help make the rental process a worthwhile one.

Firstly, you want to find out the kind of support the rental company offers when you sign up for their services. Does the company offer a replacement in case the rented projector malfunctions? How soon can the company offer a replacement? Will any charges be incurred for the replacement?

Secondly, you want to check on the quality of equipment offered for rent. Are the projectors offered in good condition? Stay away from equipment that looks battered or bruised. You certainly don’t want to take the risk with equipment that has seen better days.

Does the company offer a ‘free day’ before and after the rental period? Such an arrangement would allow you ample time to test the equipment and get a replacement in case something goes wrong with it. You will also not have to rush out to return it as soon as the event is over, especially if it ends late.

Damage Prevention

Most companies will want to charge you if a rented video projector is damaged while in your custody. Some may even want to charge the full cost of the equipment. Here are some tips that will help prevent damage to the projector.

Avoid moving the projector too much when it comes into your possession. Decide on an ideal spot for its placement beforehand. You run the risk of damaging the delicate components in the projector with too much unnecessary movement.

Don’t unplug the projector immediately after turning it off. The projector lamp will still be hot from use. A built-in fan works to cools the bulb even after it is switched off. Allow about three to five minutes for the bulb to cool before unplugging.

Also, try to operate the projector in a cool and dry environment which is free of dust to avoid any problems.