Quick Direct TV Satellite Internet Information

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You may have heard of DIRECTV ‘s satellite television service but may not really be sure if what it has to offer. This article will take a look at how you can add DIRECTV to enhance your home theatre user experience, especially a movie buff, documentary fanatic or a sports lover. Here’s what I gleaned from Direct TV satellite Internet information to help you learn more about the satellite television service.


There are 3 main packages offered by DIRECTV – English, Spanish and International.

At the time of writing, prices for the English package start from $29.99 to $85.99 (premium package) when you sign up a two-year contract. What’s more, free HD receivers and HD DVRs are thrown in for the more expensive packages. The lowest English package at $29.99 offers 150+ digital channels and the Premier package at $85.99 provides 285+ digital channels.

The Spanish package which starts from $24.99 to $94.99 a month is not limited to the Spanish language channels exclusively. English language channels are also included for even the cheapest plan. The Lo Maximo channel, for instance, provides over 60 Spanish language channels and over 235 English Language channels for $94.99 a month.

Except for the Mas Mexico plan, free receivers and/or DVRs are thrown in for each plan if you sign a two-year contract.

The International package features Brazilian, Mandarin, Greek, South Asian and Russian channels. The package, however, doesn’t come bundled with receivers or DVRs.


As you would have already known, you would need a satellite TV receiver to make viewing of programs offered by DIRECTV possible. The four types of receivers offered by the company are HD DVR receiver, DVR receiver, HD receiver and the Standard receiver

The standard receiver is offered for $69 at the time of writing. It comes with S-Video and composite outputs, which may not be ideal to get the best out of your home theater system.

The DVR receiver, priced at $99, has a digital audio optical output, apart from the Standard receiver specs. It allows you to record 100 hours of standard definition video and you get to enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with your home theater set up.

The HD receiver offered for $99 would help you get the best of your home theater system as it comes with HDMI and component outputs apart from RCA outputs. The audio outputs provided are digital optical and digital coaxial together with RCA stereo outputs. USB and Ethernet ports are also thrown in. The HD receiver will allow you to view video content up to a resolution of 1080i.

If full HD video content is what you’re looking for, then you would want to opt for the HD DVR receiver which is offered for $199. Apart from 2 USB ports and an eSata port, it has the same specs as the HD receiver. You should go for this receiver if you have a 3D HDTV as it supports 3D video.

The prices mentioned above are valid at the time of writing. The prices may be waived if you sign up for the special packages offered by the company. Visit DIRECTV website for the latest promotions.

Special Remote DVR Setting

One of the notable features Direct TV offers is the ability to set your DVR remotely. Say, if you’ve to miss a favourite show due to unavoidable circumstances, you could get your DVR to record the show using your web-enabled mobile telephone or your computer.

With a smartphone, you can download DIRECTV’s free DVR Scheduler Mobile App. This application will allow you to locate the programs of your choice and set your DVR at home to record them. The application works with iPhone, Android, Palm and BlackBerry, among others.

With a computer, you just have to go to the online guide, select the show you want and click on `Record to Receiver’ to prepare your DVR for recording.