Who Makes the Best LCD TV? Learn All About the Major Brand Names

Who Makes the Best LCD TV? Learn All About the Major Brand Names
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Making the decision of who makes the best LCD TV is important when purchasing a new TV. A new TV is an expensive item and the choice between the best LCD and plasma television is a comparison of color, sound and features.

Four brands compare favorably in this field: Sony, Panasonic, LG and Sharp. But before you buy a LCD, you need make sure you do a thorough comparison of features by the following brands.


Sony is a brand in itself and when talking about the LCD TV, Sony tops the chart. Sony XBR8 is among the best LCD HDTV in the market and the Sony Bravia series is loved by many. The company started in the year 1945 and launched itself in the TV market in the year 1960. However, they started manufacturing flat screen and LCDs in 2001.

The LCD TVs by Sony come with a backlighting made of LED. Users can also adjust the backlighting of the TVs. The pixel quality of Sony TVs is quite high (it changes from model to model, but is mostly is 1080i) and thus is able to provide great picture quality. Most of the TVs allow you to connect to the Internet.

Moreover, the sound quality offered by Sony Bravia is amazing, as it offers a noise free listening environment. The company offers LCD TVs which are 22 inches to 60 inches and their price range varies from $255 to $5,100, depending on the size of the TV and the features the model boasts.


Formerly known as Goldstar, the LG brand of electronics has been around for some years. With LCD TVs ranging in size from 19 inch to 55 inch, you are almost spoilt for choices. However, not all the TVs are equal in quality. It is definitely a case of the higher the price, the more features the TV has.

The new option that has been installed in LG is an LED backlight. This feature is one you can turn on or off. Your TV can be connected directly to the Internet for you to watch online broadcast channels or download movies.

It has another new feature which is called TruMotion. This has not been well received by many reviewers because it appears to conflict with the current standard signals for definition. But, all in all, this range of LCD TVs gets good reviews on color and sound.


Panasonic LCD TV

Panasonic has long been a household name that is synonymous with good quality. This brand was a product of Matsushita Electric Industrial and is one of the foremost brands in TVs. The company is also one of the best brands producing HDTVs for the past year.

However, the company changed their name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. The company is within the top 100 of world global companies. The Panasonic range of TVs varies in price range between $600 and $2,000, depending on the size of the TV and whether it is an LCD or a plasma TV. The LCD models tend to be in the lower price range of $550 to $1,000.

Pixel rate for the range of LCD TVs tends to be high, which gives you good picture quality. You are looking at 1080i in the latest range. The current series of TVs from Panasonic has an improved time rate in the flat panel’s new 32 inch models. The array of controls is large, which provide connections for your digital camera to enable direct connection so you can view your videos and stills. This TV also has an additional tinted layer of glass, making it one of the best currently being offered.



Sharp has long held the number 1 place in the making of LCD TVs. Their range of TVs for 2010 spreads over sizes from 32 inch through 65 inch. The introduction of yellow to the basic colors in a TV has increased the amount of colors to over a trillion. This can’t help but improve the quality of the color on the screen. Their products range between $700 and $4,000, providing you with a vast array to choose from.

The choice is up to you to decide who makes the best LCD TV.

I am sure that knowing the top brands in the field of LCD TVs will help you make a better decision.

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