What is the Best TV to Buy for My Home Theater?

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Home Theater: Best TV to Buy - Introduction

Selecting a good TV for a home theater can be tough. Many people find themselves asking the question, “What is the best TV to buy for my home theater?” The answer to this question can be difficult to find, and once people find the answer they can get overwhelmed by the detail it takes to answer this question.

After reading all this you’re probably wondering well what is the answer. The answer can be found in this article. Keep reading for a simple and clear solution to your burning question, “What is the best kind of TV to buy for my home theater?”

High Definition (HDTV)

High definition is the first thing you want to look for in your TV, or HDTV. Technology has quickly evolved and the era of high definition is here. Images on TV look more lifelike than ever. Now television users can experience video quality that is absolutely stunning. The quality of HDTV is unmatched. HDTV is something you have to consider — if you’re looking for the best TV to buy then don’t pass on high definition. It will bring out the best in your home theater.

Resolution: 1080p is Best

TV resolution is vital for a great looking image. This ties along with high definition. When looking at HDTVs look at their resolution. 1080p and 720p are the most common resolutions for HDTVs. 1080p is the best and highest resolution available for TVs right now. Looking back at the question what is the best TV to buy for my home theater, you have to consider 1080p. The reason you should really consider buying a 1080p HDTV is because like I mentioned before, it is the best resolution available right now and you are looking for the best TV to buy_._


Choosing a good size HDTV is vital to having a good home theater. You don’t want a TV that is too large or too small. This is a helpful guide on choosing a good TV size for your home theater room.

DLP, LCD or Plasma?

The type of TV you buy is very important. The type of TV you choose will depend mostly on what you will watch on the TV. The three common types of TVs are DLP, LCD, and Plasma. My favorite type of the three is DLP. I don’t like plasma because it is older, less advanced, and has some nagging issues to it like image freezing. LCDs are definitely great TVs, however they don’t have all the great features to make them better than a DLP.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and TVs using it are spectacular. DLPs are made of thousands of tiny little mirrors reflecting light to the screen. This technology is brilliant because it makes the image brighter. These mirrors are also great because they minimize the amount of space between pixels, so in other words the mirrors increase resolution.

DLPs are also great for viewing motion. Sports, action movies and other forms of video motion look crystal clear on DLPs. There is significantly less motion blur on DLPs than other types of HDTVs. Why is that? DLPs use an exclusive microchip that has response time of 16 microseconds. It takes the TV less than 16 microseconds to respond to the moving pixels of the video — that is amazingly fast. DLPs also have no chance of an image burning in. Unlike plasmas which use tubes that can retain picture, DLPs use nothing but mirror-like hardware to display images so there is no internal hardware that could cause burn-in.

Remember, the type of TV you buy will depend on what you watch. DLPs are the most versatile TV as they are superb for all types of video and they exceed standards in sports and video game entertainment.

More information on LCDs, Plasmas, and DLPs can be found here.


The answer to that starting question, “What is the best type of TV to buy for my home theater?” is not as complex as it seemed. Finding the right TV can be very simple. Next time you go to the store consider the things mentioned — high definition, resolution, type of TV, and size. If you find a TV that is up to your standards in these areas then you have found yourself the best TV to buy for your home theater.

Here are some TVs I like a lot. They excel in all the important areas.

  • Mitsubishi WD-65837
  • Panasonic TC-PVT20/25
  • Mitsubishi WD-60735

Good luck shopping!