Looking for Tips on LCD TV Scratch Repair? Remove a Scratch From a Flat Screen TVs with These Quick and Easy Hints

Looking for Tips on LCD TV Scratch Repair?  Remove a Scratch From a Flat Screen TVs with These Quick and Easy Hints
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Let’s now take a look at ways to undertake LCD TV scratch repair. Please be reminded that the methods listed below would in most cases work for minor scratches. There’s no guarantee that they will work for deep scratches.

Pencil Eraser

This is a simple and quick solution for LCD TV scratch repair. Before you get started with the eraser method, you will want to clean the scratch area. Apply clean water to a clean, microfiber cloth and rub gently. Wait for the area to dry.

Once the scratched area is dry, you’re ready to get started. Choose a clean eraser. Better still, get a new, soft eraser. Rub the eraser gently in the direction of the scratch until the mark disappears.

The advantage of using this method is it is cheap and can be quickly done. The disadvantage is that you may end up with smudges on the screen - especially if you use an the eraser that has been used to erase pencil writing earlier on.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can also be used to remove a scratch from flat screen surfaces. Dilute one part of the alcohol with 20 parts of water. Before you get started, you will want to clean the scratched area first with a little water added to a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Be careful not to apply much pressure.

Next, take a fresh cotton swab and dip it into the cleaning solution. Gently wipe on the scratched area. Work on the scratch until it disappears. When you’re done, take a fresh, dry cotton swab and apply a little water to it. Dab it on the scratched area you’ve worked on. When you’re done, use a dry cotton swab to dab on the repaired area.

You may need to strengthen the alcohol content if the scratch doesn’t disappear. An advantage to this method is that rubbing alcohol is readily available at your neighborhood store. The disadvantage, however, is that you may damage the screen coating if you use a strong alcohol dose. As a guide never use more than 35% of alcohol. Stop the process immediately of if you see a smudge appearing on the screen.


This process involves filling the scratch with Vaseline. Apply Vaseline lightly on the surface and wipe off the excess with a soft, lint-free cloth. Many LCD TV users have reported success with the Vaseline method.

The downside of using Vaseline, however, is in some instances it could make the scratch more noticeable. Also, this is not a permanent solution. The Vaseline coat may wear off after some time and reapplication would be needed

LCD Scratch Repair Kit

If you don’t really feel comfortable with the method listed above, you could opt for a scratch repair kit. There are quite a number of brands out there with different degrees of effectiveness.

One that’s worth considering is the Displex Display Scratch Remover. Users have reported positive results with this kit. It comes with 10 pure cotton patches for you to use for removing a scratch on your LCD TV screen. If you plan on buying a different brand, do check out user experience or reviews in forums.

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Scratch Prevention

With proper care, you can prevent having to remove a scratch from flat screen surfaces in your home. Avoid using paper towels, tissue paper, paper towels or even an old, unused cloth when cleaning your LCD TV screen. They could leave scratches behind especially when force is used to remove a stain or smudge.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

To be on the safe side, use a microfiber cloth. Make sure the screen there’s nothing solid sticking to the screen before you start cleaning. Rubbing against solid particles on the screen may result in scratches.

If you can’t remove the dirt or stain on the screen, don’t apply pressure on the screen. Instead apply a little distilled water to your microfiber cloth and start wiping again.

LCD TV Screen Protector

Alternatively, you would want to use an LCD TV screen protector is you want to ensure your LCD screen is adequately protected from scratches.

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