New Television Technology: The Latest Trends Uncovered

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Learning About New TV Technologies

TVs are constantly changing, and now more so than at any other time in history. Cathode-ray tube TVs dominated the market for nearly 40 years, but that began to change during the 1980s and 1990s when plasma technology started becoming available.

As new television technology changes by leaps and bounds, many consumers are lost as to what this new technology does and where to find up-to-date information. Buying a TV has become a real chore as opposed to something fun.

However, you don’t need to be lost in the realm of new television technology. Here, we bring you up to date by covering a few of the latest in TV innovations.


While TV technology is constantly changing, there are some obvious trends that are now coming to the forefront. One of those technologies is 3D TV. 3D TVs have become the new thing since the James Cameron movie, Avatar_,_ hit the movies. As of 2010, 3D TVs have just started hitting the market, and they tend to be expensive.

It should be stated that you need to purchase 3D glasses to use this technology. The 3D glasses associated with these TVs are no longer the clunky, paper things of the past. They are more like regular glasses with frames and real lenses. But, these glasses are also a bit expensive right now.


Another emerging technology is IPTV. IP standards for Internet Protocol, which is the communications protocol for sending data over the Internet or a network. With this type of TV system, you receive your television programming via the Internet Protocol Suite as opposed to receiving your programming via a satellite or cable provider.

Currently, you can only receive TV programs in one of the following groups: Video on Demand (VOD), live television or previously recorded television. Video on Demand is a pay-per-view type system. This technology has gotten a lot of pushback from cable and satellite companies, which stand to lose business if this technology becomes widespread.

PC to TV Devices

While it’s not particularly new, the PC to TV devices are catching on in popularity. These systems allow you to capture or stream programming from your PC on your television, and the type of content that you can stream ranges from photos to movies to videos. You can also stream videos from sites like Hulu, YouTube and Google Videos.

The innovations discussed above are the latest in new TV technology as of 2010. However, there are two places where you can go to learn more about the latest updates and trends.

The first is CNET is a website devoted to product reviews, downloads and articles on TVs, digital cameras, cell phones and the like. This site will review any new type of technology or product.

For just general information on the latest TV technologies, visit The TVTechnology site strictly focuses on advances in audio and TV technology. The Industry News section provides you with short articles about TV innovations and what’s on the horizon.

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