When is The Best Month to Buy TV & TV Accessories?

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When to buy a new TV

Buying a new TV is a big decision for any household. Price is more important than any spec or screen size the salesperson offers. Here are a few months of the year when you as the consumer will get the best bang for your buck.


January is probably the best month to shop for a new TV. This is right after the holiday rush and before the Super Bowl. This means a lot of the older but still great models will be at a lower price. Some stores will also look to give better financing offers around this time as well. Make sure to check all of the local retailers to see which TV models are available and which are discontinued. A discontinued TV model will net you the best price.

Knowing what accessory items to pick up at this time is key to getting the best price as well. Since each store is offering the TV for a low price, you can bet the items that go along with the TV will be very expensive. Don’t be afraid to purchase the cables and other items online as most retailers have a high mark-up on these cables.


June is the month of the year where retailers who sell electronics will be at its slowest. These businesses will be trying very hard to increase their revenue which means prices will drop considerably. Brands like Samsung and Sony will also be releasing some of their newest products. Retailers such as Sears and Best Buy will be having some promotions which include a Blu-ray player or HDMI cables. These deals are the ones you, as the consumer, should be gunning for. These packages may seem expensive, but in reality you will be saving far more money in the long run with these deals.


November is the last month of the year in which you will find a good deal on a TV. The only day of this month when this is valid though is what called “Black Friday”. This is the day right after Thanksgiving and this is the official kick off of the holiday season. Many TV’s will be on sale at extremely low prices, the only problem is getting that hot ticket item. Everyone else will be fighting tooth and nail in some places to get their hands on these deals. Having worked these days in retail, it’s my opinion that the deals and the products offered are not worth the pushing and shoving. Consumers can still get a great deal on these TVs if they wait for the Monday after the weekend rush as most stores will not have sold out of these items or have just been replenished.


Use these months as a guideline for making your purchase of your new TV and, as always, happy hunting.