Learn How to Watch 3D Movies on a Home Computer and What Equipment You Need

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3D Processor

3D movies are all the rage these days, and the draw seems to be the ability to completely absorb yourself in the movie. In fact, 3D televisions are now being released, which come complete with 3D glasses and HD technology. Many people, however, no longer even own a television; instead, they watch everything on their computer. So, how to watch 3D movies on a home computer?

Well, you are going to need a few things. First of all, you need to purchase a 3D support processor. This will enable your computer to process the 3D technology. Brands like NVIDIA are now creating these 3D processors.

In fact, NVIDIA has a 3D package that includes a GPU (graphics processor unit), software and 3D glasses. This package is known as 3D Vision. This hardware package is broken up into a home user edition and professional edition. 3D Vision allows you to view videos, movies, games and photos in 3D. The professional edition allows you to do this, plus view broadcasts in 3D and create 3D animations and effects.

One thing to remember about this technology, however, is that it is new. This means that you should be prepared to pay more for this technology. It probably won’t come down in price for a few more years.

The Glasses

As mentioned previously, you also need 3D glasses, and you shouldn’t just steal the glasses from the last 3D movie that you saw. These are usually not high-quality. And, if you are willing to pay for the 3D processor, then you also want good glasses.

Many places online now sell good quality 3D glasses. You can invest in these and use them not only for your computer, but also at the movie theater.

3D LCD Monitor

Since you are upgrading your equipment, you should also consider upgrading your monitor. 3D LCD monitors provide you with true 3D technology. These monitors have the same technology as the 3D televisions, which mean it will add to the 3D effect.

But, since this technology is still new, these monitors can be hard to find. There are a few, however, that you can buy online. These include the iZ3d H220Z1 22" monitor and the NVIDIA 3D Vision Bundle with 22" Samsung monitor. These monitors are also bigger, which means that you have more viewing screen to enjoy the movies.

Where To Get Your 3D Movies

Finally, you need to find a website that offers 3D movies and videos. Websites like 3D-Movie-Gallery.com offer some free online movies. But, you should be able to rent 3D films from sites like Netflix or Blockbuster. You just need to have a DVD drive and a movie watching software program installed on your computer. Or, you can sign up for the streaming service, which allows you to download movies directly to your computer.

Also, any 3D movies that you already own should work on your computer as well.