List of Hardware Needed for Ideal Home Entertainment System

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You’re in your house watching TV on that tube television you got in the 80’s while your sitting on your excuse for furniture. You’re instructing your son to fix your rabbit ear antennas so that you can see the game without those constant blizzard interruptions

Okay, so maybe your home theater situation setup isn’t as terrible as I described it to be; but still, it’s no longer acceptable to not have proper hardware in your home theater. Nowadays, a house needs a home theater as much as a house needs other common appliances. So long story short, you need a home theater that has all the correct hardware. So why haven’t you already started this mission? Well you’re probably like the other millions of people who don’t have a single clue about what they need in a home theater. All they know is they want a super home theater like everyone else has.

This article will discuss all the hardware needed for an ideal home entertainment system. Here are all the vital things you must have; soon your home theater will be better than your local movie theater!


I know what you’re thinking: seriously … furniture? I think I already knew that. But I do need to stress it. A lot of people don’t add comfortable furniture to their home theater shopping list. No one wants to sit and watch a 2.5 hour long movie in an uncomfortable seat. Trust me, this should be the first thing you buy. Drop a couple things in your budget if your budget is being stretched. But do not forget you must have comfortable furniture for a home theater. Don’t hesitate to ditch or move those rock solid couches!


HD or High Definition is here to stay. Within the next 10-20 years standard definition TV will be non-existent. This is a good thing. Everyone wants a better looking picture on the screen, right? With HD that’s exactly what you’re getting. An image that’s crystal clear. When you sit down and watch a movie, TV show, or sports event in HD you’ll be amazed. The quality makes you feel like you’re in the picture. Look to add a 720p or 1080p HDTV to your home theater, it’s a must have!

For more information on HDTV, check out this HDTV Buyer’s Guide.

Blu-ray Player

Why do you have a home entertainment system? Primarily for movies, right? Well than it’s a no brainer … you need to have a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray players make movies look fantastic. You bought the HDTV now you need something to use it with. Blu-ray players are the only way to watch HD movies. The best part about Blu-ray is that it also upscales your old DVDs. What does that mean? You can turn your old standard definition DVDs into HD. Blu-ray players are compatible with non-HD DVDs and they improve the quality of standard DVDs. All these wonderful features make Blu-ray a must. Put your HDTV to work and watch amazing quality movies.

HD Cable or Satellite

High definition cable can be expensive so I can understand if you drop it off the list. It is the only hardware that requires monthly fees. However, if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford HD cable or satellite then go for it. HD television is great for people who watch a lot of TV and/or sports. Sports in HD is probably the best part about HD. You really feel like you’re at the game.

Another option if you’re not interested in getting cable or satellite but still want HD television is to get an HD antenna. HD antennas cost in between $45-$200 depending on quality. With these you can get free HD local channels. So if all the sports and TV you watch are on your local channels then get one of these antennas. I recommend a high quality antenna because reception will be less blurry and static filled.

Surround Sound

We’ve looked at all your home vision needs, but what about audio? Audio is equally as important as picture/video. If you want those spine tingling, goose bump provoking, chilling effects, you need surround sound. If you hook up good surround sound with Blu-ray, the effects are amazing. You will feel like that villain in the horror movie is right behind you, you’ll feel the car zoom past you. All these effects are awesome. Words can’t describe them. The coolest thing about these effects is that they’re not available in the theaters. Theaters don’t use Blu-ray so their surround sound doesn’t sound as cool. So if you thought your local theater was nice, your living room will be like paradise. Read Home Theater Speaker Placement to learn more.

And don’t forget to get a subwoofer for your speaker system. Subwoofers bring all the vibrations to your home theater so you’ll actually feel those explosions you see on screen.


So, here is your basic list of hardware needed for ideal home entertainment system. Your home theater will be the best one around. Good luck!