What is the Difference between DVD and 3D DVD? Understanding 3D Technology

What is the Difference between DVD and 3D DVD? Understanding 3D Technology
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Movies in 3D are taking over the movie industry and audiences love the 3D movie theater experience. However, people would also like to experience 3D movies in their homes. Currently, DVDs are the most popular form of bringing movies into people’s homes. But there is a new form of DVDs called 3D DVD that brings the 3D experience to movies in DVD format. So, what is the difference between DVD and 3D DVD? Well there are differences between these two formats aside from the 3D support of 3D DVD and we are going to discuss them in this article.

DVD Players

DVDs, of course, can be played using DVD players whether they are standalone players or they are embedded in computer systems or gaming consoles. 3D DVDs can also be played using these devices, but they will only show normal DVD content like normal DVDs do. You will need a 3D compatible TV to see the 3D effects of the DVD and right now, these kinds of TVs are a little on the expensive side so most people will not be able to afford it yet.

The 3D Experience

Like in the theaters, the 3D effect can be recreated at people’s homes using a 3D LCD Monitor or 3D TV and 3D glasses. That is, of course, if the viewer is using a 3D DVD. Normal DVDs, even with a 3D capable TV and 3D glasses will still see normal flat 2D content. 3D DVDs play with the viewer’s depth of perception, giving some of the content of the movie some volume and form. This gives viewers a more engrossing viewing experience, enhancing the images and making them look real. 3D DVDs, true to its name, gives viewers a whole new other dimension to enjoy at the comfort of their own homes.


Currently, DVDs are more abundant in the market. Almost all movies released in the theaters will have a DVD counterpart in a few months after their theatrical release. 3D DVDs, though, are far less in numbers. There are only a few titles available in this format and it may take months, even years, before you can build a decent collection of 3D DVDs. With the advent of 3D ready movies and prices of 3D TVs going down, we may not wait a long time for this to happen.

Conversion of Movies

Theatrical movies converted to 2D DVD format will have little differences. Obviously, the quality will just be converted to DVD quality, which in most cases, look very good on TVs. For movies converted into 3D DVD format, however, some of them may lose the same 3D effects that may have made the movie special when it was in the theaters. During the conversion, some of the 3D effects may not render as effectively on 3D TVs as they would have in the theaters, and this is a slight downside for 3D DVDs. They may offer the similar 3D effect, but not exactly the engrossing experience that viewers saw in the theaters. What is the difference between DVD and 3D DVD? Right now, it only really matters if you have invested in 3D TV equipment or not.