Learn What to Do When the Bottom Half of the LCD TV Screen is Not Working

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LCD Backlight Tubes

If the bottom half of your LCD TV screen is not working, it can be very frustrating. But, before you go out and purchase a new television, it may be worth trying a few tests to see if you can fix the LCD TV half screen when it’s not working.

The first thing that you may want to do is try replacing the LCD TV backlight tube or the inverter that controls this tube. LCD TV screens do not have any type of internal lighting system. LCD televisions make a picture via liquid crystals, but these crystals need some type of light source in order to create a picture. Black lights will shine on these crystals from either the side or the back, but most often it is from the back. The light source will shine on the liquid crystals and create a visible image.

Indications That It’s the Tube

Yet, if the light or the inverter is not probably working, this can manifest itself by a flickering, flashing or even black screen. This problem can be seen on either half of the LCD screen, but it most often turns black on the bottom.

Another indication that it could be the tube or inverter it that they will create high-frequency buzzing. But, the only problem with this is that adults cannot hear it, but children and animals will be able to hear it. So, if Fido is acting up near the television, that could be an indicator.

Replacing the Tubes and Inverters

Always turn off and unplug the television before taking it apart. You don’t want to shock yourself. And, then determine the types of parts that you need. You may want to take the parts out first and then bring them to your local electronics store to see where you can purchase new ones. You may even have to go online to find them.

Start with trying to change the tube. These tubes are buried deep within the back of the television, and they are very fragile to handle and replace. They can be identified from other tubes since they will have wires at either end. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, take it to a TV repair person.

If that does not work, try replacing the inverter next. These will be directly hooked into the black light tubes, and it will look the same as a computer motherboard or circuit board. Oftentimes, these devices will have some type of high voltage warnings, and it will have thick wires connected to it.

Determining If It’s Time to Get a New TV

If none of this works, then the problem could be related to the video or its accessories. If this is the case, then you should probably just invest in a new television. Repairs to this circuitry could cost several hundred dollars. And, in some cases, the repairs could cost more than what you paid for the television.