Video Projector Lamps: Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Video Projector Lamp

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Video Projector Lamps

Depending on the brand or the model, video projector lamps can last anywhere from 2000 to 5000 hours. However, If the manufacturer specifies that your video projector lamp will last you for 2000 hours, you shouldn’t regard it as gospel truth. The truth is the lamp could call it a day even before it reaches the 2000 hour mark.

A projector replacement lamp is not the 60-watt bulb in your living room. It costs quite a bit, ranging from $200 to $600, depending on whether yours is a low lumen or high lumen projector. You won’t want to spend that kind of money before you fully get to enjoy your video projector.

Here are some tips that could help you extend your video projector lamp’s life and save yourself money and frustration.

No Shaking

There’s no reason to shake your projector. However, some folks have been known to shake their projectors if they can’t be powered on for some reason. Avoid doing this as it will have an adverse effect on the sensitive electronics within. If the projector is often jostled, takes knocks or bumps you run the risk of shortening its lamp life.

Hot Car

Do you often transport your projector? If so, avoid leaving your projector in your car on a hot day. This not only applies to your projector, but also other electronic equipment. If you can’t carry the projector with you, leave it in the trunk of the car where the temperature is much lower. If possible, don’t park your car in a spot which is exposed to direct sunlight.

Beware of Cold Climate

Just as hot weather doesn’t agree with your projector, cold weather is also a culprit. If for some reason, your projector has been exposed to cold weather, don’t switch on your projector immediately. Allow the projector some time to return to room temperature before turning it on. If you switch it on immediately, the video projector lamp may explode. Be patient and wait until you feel that the projector has returned to room temperature before turning it on.

Avoid Movement

There are instances when you should avoid moving the projector. You should not move it immediately after switching it off. You must wait until the projector cools down and returns to room temperature before moving it.

Also, avoid moving the projector when it’s on. Decide on an ideal spot for your projector before turning it on. Frequent movements of the projector in the above two examples would only serve to shorten your video projector lamp’s life.

Breathing Space and Dust

Keep an eye on the fan exhaust of your projector. This is where heat accumulated in the projector is expelled. Don’t have the projector close to a wall. Without proper air circulation there’s the risk of the lamp overheating which eventually leads to a shorter lamp life. Have you projector at least three feet from the wall.

You will also want to check and clean the air filter pad of your projector. Remove any dust accumulated there so that there’s proper ventilation in the projector. Dust accumulated for months could lead to overheating of the lamp which could result in an explosion which in turn could start a fire.