Creating a DVD Collection Database: Tips to Help Manage Your Movie Collection

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If you have never bought a movie that you already own, then you may not realize the advantages of creating a DVD collection database to manage your movie collection. Not only will you prevent buying duplicate copies, you will be able to keep track of your movies better when you loan them to someone and have all of the information on a particular movie at your fingertips. Those with a particularly large collection may see this as a long and arduous chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choosing Software

The most important part of a DVD collection database (other than the DVDs) is the software. One of the best by far is a free DVD database software called Coollector. Installing this software not only gives you a way to organize your collection and keep track of it; the Coollector movie database of over 50,000 titles is downloaded onto your computer so you don’t have to connect to the Internet to research a movie.

Another program worth looking at is CollectorBase 1.0. It’s not just for DVDs either; CollectorBase is a CD database software program too. With each entry you have the choice to add a graphic of the cover to the database. CollectorBase can be used to figure out the value of your entire collection.

Check out The Best Movie Collection Freeware for a list of the top 10 movie collection software programs that are completely free.

Gather Your Movies

Now that you have decided to build a DVD collection database and chosen DVD database software, it is time to start moving all of your movies to one room. Once your DVD collection is all in one place, this would be a good time to watch the ones you haven’t had a chance to yet and to get rid of the DVDs you don’t want anymore. Then start entering the titles and any other details you wish to keep track of into the computer using the program you chose.

Storing Your Collection

As you are entering your titles into the DVD collection database, look at what you have and decide how you want to organize everything. Whether sorted by genre, title, or certain actors and actresses you will need a space to keep your movies. First, I recommend keeping the collection in one room so it is easier to find. Second, the type of storage unit you use depends on how much space you have in that room. Some options for storing your movies are wire racks that hang on the walls, a spinning tower, or a multimedia storage cabinet. Bookcases with shelves that adjust to different heights will work too.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Don’t panic if you can’t get this project done in one day. Just pick a good DVD database software program and get started. Remember that once you have finished your DVD collection database, all you will have to do in the future is add new DVDs as you buy them.