Guide to Sony Home Theater System Surround Sound Amplifiers

Guide to Sony Home Theater System Surround Sound Amplifiers
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If you are putting together a home entertainment system and are looking for a surround sound amplifier, Sony is a great brand to consider. Having invented Blu-ray, the giant Japanese manufacturer knows a thing or two about home theater and has a wide array of models to choose from. Here is a guide to their most popular models.

Sony STR-DH500 A/V receiver

The extremely affordable Sony STR-DH500 brings HD home theater sound to a whole new market. With 100 watts into 5.1 channels, five HD inputs and 1080/24p capability allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of Blu-ray, the STR-DH500 certainly doesn’t skimp on features and proves that you don’t have to spend big bucks to obtain quality home theater. The receiver’s 24p True Cinema support allows you to enjoy cinematic quality from HD sources and the Digital Media Port offers direct connectivity with your iPod.

STR-DH710 A/V receiver

The Sony STR-DH710 A/V receiver has proven to be highly popular and it’s not hard to see why. With 105 watts per channel, this 7.1 channel powerhouse really brings music and movies to life. 6 HD inputs allow you to take full advantage of your high-definition components while Dolby TrueHD and dts HD decoding technologies allow you to hear sound as close to the master recording as possible. You can also watch movies in their native frame rate thanks to 24p True Cinema technology.

STR-DH810 A/V receiver

The Sony STR-DH810 A/V receiver brings high end features and sound quality to a new price point. With 110 watts of output through each of its 7.1 channels, 7 high definition inputs, Dolby trueHD and dts HD decoding technologies, this amplifier combines an affordable price with a whole host of high end features. DVD upscaling means you can enjoy your DVDs in near-HD quality and wireless 2nd zone audio capability gives you the option of enjoying music in up to 10 additional rooms.

STR-DA3500ES A/V receiver

The extremely popular STR-DA3500ES A/V receiver allow you to enjoy Elevated Standard quality at a value for money price. However, it still delivers all the features you would expect from a Sony ES receiver including Full HD 1080p picture quality, HD surround sound and Blu-ray Disc audio decoding. This 7.1 channel receiver will accept up to 7 HD inputs and is also satellite radio ready, opening up a whole new world of digital entertainment for your pleasure.

STR-DA5500ES multi-channel network A/V receiver


From Sony’s elite ES range comes the highly advanced STR-DA5500ES multi-channel network A/V receiver. With 120 watts into 7.1 channels, this receiver has the grunt to bring the most demanding music and movies to life. You can also enjoy the full benefits of Blu-ray technology thanks to Full HD 1080p picture quality and HD surround sound. And if you have an extensive collection of DVDs, you can upsample them to near HD standard with Faroudja™ DCDi Cinema technology. Ethernet connectivity, x.v. Color and Deep Color technology and multi-room HD video and audio distribution are just some of the other features on offer.