Learn How to Make an Outdoor TV Antenna

Learn How to Make an Outdoor TV Antenna
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DB4 Antenna

If you live in a rural or woodsy area, sometimes it can be hard to get television reception. But, you can construct your own television antenna, which will allow you to inexpensively obtain TV reception. While satellite television is the new way to obtain television, it’s not available in many areas. And, if you don’t have an area with good satellite reception, it could be a waste of money.

Most antennas offered in stores can be very expensive. Plus, with so many companies converting to either satellite or HD signals, sometimes finding the right antenna can be extremely difficult. With common household items, however, you can create an antenna that may even be able to pick up HD signals.

One type of antenna that can be made this way is the DB4 antenna. DB4 antennas are often used for commercial businesses, but individuals can use the same technology to create antennas for their homes. This type of antenna is a multi-directional antenna, which means that it can pick up signals from a variety of sources in a number of areas.

Usually, the DB4 antenna can reach up to 55 miles to get a signal, and it can pick up both HD and UHF spectrum signals. Plus, you can create your outdoor antenna with weatherproof material so that it doesn’t rust or corrode.

How to Make an Outdoor TV Antenna

To create your DB4 antenna, follow the below steps:


  • 2 foot long 1x3 board
  • Wood screws and washers
  • Copper wire
  • 8 Wire coat hanger
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Ohm transformer (coaxial female part two)
  • Coaxial cable
  • Grill screen (15x9)

Steps on How to Make an Outdoor TV Antenna

Step 1: Find a spot for your antenna. Shoot for a roof top or even a top deck. If you don’t have access to a roof top, invest in a tall pole, and cement it to the ground. You need to get your antenna as high as possible to ensure that you have great reception.

Step 2: Drill holes for the screws. Holes should be created on the three and half section of the wood, and they should be parallel rows of two with four screw holes per side. Follow this layout for your screws:

  1. First row: 0.75 inches from left.

  2. Second row: 0.75 inches from right.

  3. First screw: 2 inches from top

    by spacematter

  4. Second screw: 5.25 inches from top

  5. Third screw: 5.25 inches from second screw

  6. Last screw: 5.25 inches from third screw.

Step 3: Tighten the screws until they are secure, but not extremely tight.

Step 4: Remove the tops off of eight coat hangers and detangle them. Turn them into a V pattern by folding them in the middle. Each section of the V should be seven inches long, three inches wide in between the wire tips.

Step 5: String the two lengths of copper wire through the screws, following the below pattern:

  1. Cross the two lengths of wire at the first and second screws.
  2. Let them run straight between screw points.
  3. Re-cross the wires with the second to last and last set up screws.

Step 6: Add the hangers to the screws by placing the center section into the screws. The hangers should stick straight out.

Step 7: Remove any insulation from screws where they are in contact with the screws. You want the metals to touch. Also remove any insulation from the center part of the screws that run between the second and third screws.

Step 8: Tighten the screws completely so that it holds everything in place.

Step 9: Add the metal grill screens to the opposite side by screwing them in place.

Step 10: Add the ohm transformer to the stripped copper wire.

Step 11: Mount your antenna.

You now know how to make an outdoor TV antenna!