Tips for Troubleshooting Projection TV Problems: Rear-Projection TV Issues and How to Solve them

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Projection TV Troubleshooting

Although plasma, LCD and newer technologies are becoming more popular, rear-projection televisions are still widely sought and many still opt for a set when considering a high-quality display. It allows for a good solution if you want to enjoy high-definition images and need to watch your budget. Unfortunately, the more complex the technology the likelier that something will go wrong: Rear-projection technology is certainly no exception to this.

In this article we will have a look at some of the things you could do in order to solve the problem you are having with this particular TV set. Look at the following paragraphs for a list of possible problems and possible solutions. Remember that a good alternative to troubleshooting these problems yourself is always honor the warranty, should you still have a valid one. So warranty first, and failing that, have a go yourself.

Checking Your Connections

It may sound banal, but do check that all your leads and connections are plugged in and that they work properly. Many have spent hours attempting to fix a supposedly difficult problem only to find out the outlet wasn’t good or the RF cable wasn’t plugged in.

Check that your plugs are giving off power, simply by plugging in another appliance. Check that all SCARTS/cables are properly connected and work properly; again test the SCART somewhere else if you can.

Look at The Lamp

Not while the TV is on, of course, and make sure you take the necessary precautions. You may need to replace the bulb or just screw it properly into place. How Do I Replace a DLP Bulb? will tell you everything you need to know if you need to replace the bulb yourself, which will save you some money.

Another useful thing would be generally cleaning your set, the screen, the insides or both ideally. You can easily do this yourself if you are careful enough and have the simple tools available (i.e. a cross-head screwdriver and some adequate cleaning fluids). There is another article regarding cleaning your RP-TV which you will find useful, as it contains everything you need to know.

Check Settings

Have a look at color settings, brightness, contrast and anything related. Sometimes one of these may be turned all the way down which will produce no picture on your set. Also check your sound (i.e. if it’s muted or turned all the way down) in case you are having problems with it.


If after trying all these projection TV troubleshooting tips, your set still does not work you are probably better off contacting the manufacturer. It’s all the better if your warranty is still valid but you may not have any other options should it not be; some problems can only be solved by a technician and, unless your set is really old, it is worth spending the money for repair.