Setting up Wireless Surround Sound in Your Home

Setting up Wireless Surround Sound in Your Home
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Wireless Speaker Placement

Going with wireless speakers allows you to set up speakers anywhere in your home theater without have to worry about running a bunch a wires all around the area. While it is much easier to set up a wireless surround system, it can be a little intimidating at first.

First of all, you need to consider the room itself. Which area would make for the optimal speaker placement in the room? You may even consider mounting a few speakers on the walls so that you truly have a home theater feel to the area. One great thing about wireless rear speakers, however, is that you can simply move the speakers without too much hassle if you decide that the placement is not correct.

Types of Wireless Speakers

Now, it’s time to start setting up the wireless surround sound system. Connect the transmitter to the audio source for your television via a digital cable. The connections source can include your DVD player, audio receiver or the TV itself. If you are not sure how to do this, pull out the manual for your devices. Some systems require you to connect with other types of cables. So, you’ll have to check.

Depending on your speakers, you are probably going to need to either plug them into a power source or add batteries. Check first. If they require batteries, go ahead and put the batteries in before you start placing them. If they require some sort of power source, this will affect the placement of the speakers.

Another thing to consider with wireless speakers is whether or not they use infrared or radio signals. Infrared speakers will need an unobstructed path since the transmitter needs to send signals to them directly. Speakers that use a radio frequency don’t need any type of line of sight to operate.

Some wireless speakers come with built-in receivers. So, if you don’t have an external audio receiver, you should probably go with these types of speakers. If you have an external audio receive, go ahead and plug the speakers with the speaker cables into the receiver.

Setting Up Your Home Wireless Speaker Surround Sound System

Now, it’s time to start arranging the speakers based on your speaker plan. When setting up a wireless surround sound system, you probably want to place the front speakers pointing towards you. They can be placed under the TV itself or somewhere near the front of the room. The front speakers will not be wireless and will plug into your receiver. The rear speakers will be wireless. They should be placed somewhere behind you.

Finally, power everything up, and do a test. See if the surround sound system provides the desired effect. If not, just try rearranging your speakers until you have the home theater surround sound system that you desire.

One note on wireless rear speakers, there are a few problems with setting up a wireless surround sound system. If you live in a large city, exterior frequencies could interfere with your speakers. Most cordless phones use the same frequency as wireless speaker systems. So, you could get feedback from these devices.