Infrared Wireless Car Headphones for Kids Review: Infrared Headphones Offer Parents Peace of Mind and Quiet

Infrared Wireless Car Headphones for Kids Review: Infrared Headphones Offer Parents Peace of Mind and Quiet
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Take the Kids, Leave the Noise At Home

Road trips and family vacations by car are still as much a feature of the American landscape as Mom and Apple Pie. And who isn’t glad that there are entertainment systems that can be brought along when traveling to keep the kids entertained - such as a video DVD player hooked to the back of the car seat. Of course the noise isn’t conducive to calm when you are the driver or an adult having to put up with it all - which is why a pair of headphones for the kiddies can be a godsend. Since most car-based entertainment devices include an Infrared transmitter, it would be great if the headphones the child is wearing can lose the cord and pick up the audio using infrared instead. Line of sight isn’t a problem in a car and not having a cord that can snake around a child’s neck is a lot safer in general, too.

Put the Infrared Headphones On and Listen

Which brings us the to the Wireless Car Headphones for Kids. It weighs less than an ounce and the headphones are lightweight enough not to be a bother. The ear cups even have a nice swivel to them for cupping young ears without pinching.

To be sure, the cushioning is not lavish, but it’s more than sufficient for a few hours of use - even if the one wearing it isn’t complaining anyway. The Infrared receiver is built in and out of sight. The on/off switch and volume slider are both on the right ear cup (each cup is clearly labeled Left or Right high up on the headband). The only downside I see is that the on/off switch is a bit small for young hands as well as being a tad sharp to the touch. I would recommend the adult turns it on and adjusts the volume before handing it off. The battery compartment is on the other ear cup and is sufficiently hard to remove so as to make it less likely that a child will be exploring what is beneath it.

Not Just For Cars

Kidz Gear also makes an Infrared transmitter that you can add to an existing device. This lets the headphones be used in other places besides the car - my niece got a kick out of my attaching it to her iPod so that she could look at a book while playing the artist (no idea who) loud without “bothering me” (truth is she just likes gadgetry to try out, taking after her uncle). The transmitter is easy to use and just takes a few minutes to set up - then it’s line-of-sight all the way. Better quality and a safer experience is also assured - making the Infrared wireless headphone a great choice for use with iPods, portable mobile devices, cell phones, and the like.

Comparing the sound quality of the Kidz Gear headphones to my own professional wired ones would be silly, but I do admit some envy at the lack of cord. Children get all the good stuff!

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