Advanced Speaker Systems for Home Theater

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Enhancing Your HDTV Experience with a Home Sound System

If sound is as important to you as picture, there are many innovative audio systems you can use to enhance your home theater. This is article two of a three-part series covering innovative home theater gadgets featured at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2009.Each of these speaker systems is compact and has advanced features that set it apart from ordinary home theater audio products. No matter what your budget, you can find a high-quality home theater speaker system that is within your projected price range. These great speaker systems will work well with a variety of home theater setups.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Speaker Systems

When you look at the Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’Diva Ti Speaker System, you might think it is from outer space. This futuristic 5.1 packaged home theater sound system consists of five titanium-driven spherical speakers, each mounted on a gently curved stand, and a TR-2 subwoofer. These powerful, high-end speakers can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The A’Diva Ti Speaker System, which is at the top of Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ home theater line, will set you back around $2,000. If you’re not looking to spend that much cash on home audio accessories, you could check out the A’Diva System, which comes with 5 speakers and a TR-1 subwoofer, or the smaller and more affordable Nucleus Micro Ti System or Nucleus Micro System, which are designed for smaller rooms.

Genius Touch Speaker System

The Genius Touch Speaker System is a great home theater product for audiophiles that want to save both money and space. At a price under $100, the SP-T1200 2.0 channel speaker system is very inexpensive. Ideal for a home theater PC (HTPC), this touch speaker system has a touch panel that you can access to change the volume, treble or bass. The speakers have a mute button, a headphone jack and a line-in jack. The SW-T2.1 1800 touch speaker system comes with two touch speakers and a 6" subwoofer. The Genius SW-T2.1 1800 also comes with an equalizer with five settings, an LCD display and DRD sound effect technology, as well as jack and mute features, which come with the SP-T1200. The SW-T2.1 1800, which sells for less than $200, would make a great inexpensive sound system for an HDTV.

VIZIO VSB210WS High Definition Sound Bar

Designed for home theater, the 2.1 channel VIZIO VSB210WS High Definition Sound Bar includes a wireless subwoofer and comes at a bargain price of $350. Also included are a remote control, on-speaker controls, two analog outputs and one S/PDIF digital output, two RCA stereo inputs and an optical digital input. You can mount the Vizio VSB210WS High Definition Sound Bar on a wall or stand it on two included feet. It also has SRS TruVolume, TruBass and TruSurround support. You can place the subwoofer anywhere within 60 feet of the sound bar. It is also a very energy-efficient designed with the environment in mind.

These home theater sound systems should help you to enhance your home theater experience. Be sure to read the other articles in this series to get ideas on how to connect your HDTV connected to the Internet, upgrade your remote control and get the best Blu-ray player, DVD player or DVR for your needs.


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