How to Clean a 50" Philips Projection TV

How to Clean a 50" Philips Projection TV
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You have an impressive sized TV: a 50-inch projection TV made by Phillips. You are having a great time watching your TV, and enjoying your amazing picture quality. Of course, electronics have a way of collecting dust. It is as if they are magnets for all of those particles floating around in the air, which means that you need to spend some time learning how to properly clean your TV. This way, you can keep your investment in the best condition possible.

What You Need to Have Before We Begin

Before you even think about attempting to clean your 50 Inch Philips Projection TV, you will need the following items:

1. A Phillips head screwdriver

2. A cleaning cloth that is made for electronics

3. A can of compressed air

4. A flat place large enough to hold your case

Once you have these items you are prepared to clean your big screen television.

The Cleaning

Follow these steps to clean your 50 Inch Philips Projection TV properly.

1. Unplug your TV

2. Do a cursory touch test. If your TV is hot to the touch, give it a few minutes to cool down before you begin to work. Also, this is a sign that your TV is not getting good circulation. Consider moving it out a few inches.

3. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to remove the back cover of the projection TV. Put the screws in a safe place.

4. Take off the back cover and put it in a safe place.

5. Find the three projection guns. They should be at the bottom. Clean the lenses with your cloth.

6. Clean the mirror with the same cloth. If your projection guns are very dirty you may need to shake off your cloth before touching the screen.

7. Use the canned air to blow out dust in any other places. Do not touch any of the electronics with your hands.

8. Replace the case and the screws. Be sure they are secure.

9. Plug your TV back in.

10. Watch something on your 50 Inch Philips Projection TV to appreciate your newly cleared view!

Wait! How Do I Know What A Projection Gun Looks Like?

If this is your first time opening your system, finding your projection guns could be hard. Look down. You will see three lense, each will bu pointed up towards the screen. They will almost look like the lense of a camera. There will be one for green, one for red and one for blue. You should see cartridges with the colors. Roughly, they will look like this.

Now that you know how to clean your TV and protect your investment. You can enjoy years of fuzz free viewing for years to come.