Logitech Harmony Remote Set-up

Logitech Harmony Remote Set-up
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The Logitech Harmony range of universal remote controls is hugely popular and with good reason. They are versatile, powerful and extremely easy to use, once they have been set-up! The actual set-up process is a little different from most easy to use universal remotes on the market. You don’t point and shoot, and there are no codes to enter, instead of that Logitech use software.

Logitech Software

You should have been supplied with the relevant software when you bought your remote control and it is simply a matter of installing it on your computer. If you can’t find the software don’t worry you can always visit the Logitech website and find the right software for your model. Once the software is installed you’ll need to create an account. The nice thing about the account is that it stores your settings online so there’s no danger of losing them.

Adding Devices

Once you have the software up and running and you are logged into your account you need to add a new device. There is an Add Device button with a drop down list and you just need to select the correct one from the list. You can add more devices by clicking Add another Device. Once you have added your TV, DVD player, games console and whatever else you want to configure for use with the remote you are done. If you aren’t interested in the fancier features you can just plug your remote into the computer using the USB cable and click the Update Remote button.

Adding Activities and Customizing Buttons

If you want your remote to be even more useful you need to delve into the activities and customization tabs. First off click the Add Activity button and then you can set up an activity by following the on screen prompts. Once you have some activities you can hit the Customize Buttons option. You’ll get a list of all the buttons on the remote and you can select a function from the drop down lists next to each one. This allows you to configure the remote just the way you want it. Once you are done you simply plug the remote in to your computer via USB and click the Update Remote button.

Need More Help?

If you are a real technophobe and can’t face doing this yourself then Logitech are currently offering a special promotion where they’ll give you a guided set-up. This means an expert will guide you through it step by step and educate you on how to get the best from your Logitech universal remote. They do also have a good support department who will answer any questions you have.

The initial set-up procedure is well worth the trouble to have an easy to use intuitive remote which handles all of your needs. If you haven’t bought a universal remote yet you can check out our article on the top five universal remotes which includes 2 Logitech products.