How to Stream PC Screen to TV: TVersity Streams Third Party Internet TV for Free

How to Stream PC Screen to TV: TVersity Streams Third Party Internet TV for Free
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Stream Sopcast TV Through TVersity

If you’re looking for a way to stream your actual PC monitor display to your console or media playback device, sadly this isn’t currently possible with TVersity.

However it is possible to stream video content that you might be watching online through your PC in order to watch it on your main TV or with family and friends.

There are several ways of doing this, but for this guide we’ll stream a soccer match found on Sopcast via TVersity.

To do this, you need a copy of TVersity already installed; Windows Media Player 11 already installed (for library management and Microsoft codecs) VLC Media Player and a copy of Sopcast. This method is already well-known but has been updated here to work with the most recent version of VLC. You can download VLC Media Player free from

Sopcast Explained

If you’re not familiar with Sopcast, it is a P2P (peer to peer) video streaming service that allows you to watch thousands of videos and TV channels on your PC.

Available from, Sopcast is a freeware application of 3 MB that can be quickly downloaded and installed to your PC.

Launch Sopcast from Start > All Programs and using the in-built media browser find a suitable broadcast that you wish to stream to your PC. You’ll find different programming types split up into groups – one popular use for Sopcast is watching European or South American soccer for instance.

VLC Media Player

Setup VLC Media Player to stream content from Sopcast to TVersity

Next it’s time to open VLC Media Player.

Go to Media > Streaming and select the Network tab. Under Protocol select HTTP and enter as the address:


Click the Stream button, and then go to Options and enter (notice the colon ‘:’ at the start of the command):


Finally click Stream again.

VLC will now start streaming the content from the Sopcast window. The next step is to set up TVersity to serve this content to your media playback device!


In order to check that your feed is available via your Xbox 360, go to TVersity, browse to Internet Video and select mms://localhost:1234.

Click Open Item, and wait for the video to be displayed in Windows Media Player.

You’re now ready for trouble-free streaming of Sopcast feeds to your TV via your media device. You don’t have to stick to soccer of course, as Sopcast features a range of content from around the world. The possibilities are endless – this is a great new aspect to any home theater PC!