How to Make Your Home Theater Look Like a Real Movie Theater

How to Make Your Home Theater Look Like a Real Movie Theater
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Lets Not Go Out to the Movies

No home theater is ever going to compete with the full movie experience when all your doing is sitting on a couch. And that’s true even if you have a dedicated room and tons of cash to spend on equipment - it still is just a home where the movie is going to play. So lets do imagination one better by duplicating the best parts of the movie theater at home - leaving out the gum under the seats and the obnoxious guy telling everybody what is going to happen next.

Going to the Home/Movie Theater

The first thing you need to see when you’re going to watch a movie is not the parking lot - it’s the marquee noting that there’s going to be a great film that’s playing inside. So you should have this too. Which means getting a marquee that you can place on the wall to proudly proclaim just who to thank for the movie experience yet to come. Or instead go with some decorations over the door leading into the picture. The choice is yours. Just remember that you want to let everyone know that this is the place!

 Movie Marquee Door Decoration

Get a Ticket

Before going into the movie, you have to pay your way. After all there’s equipment to maintain and the guy (you) who’s running it all doesn’t work for free (well, maybe you do). So having a ticket booth will keep the crowds from converging on the best seats too fast.It doesn’t matter either if it’s made out of real wood, goes on the wall or collapses like a children’s pool after use - the important this is to offer the audience the chance to join in on the ambience of going to the movies.

Wall mount ticket booth

Besides, in today’s economy you have to consider every trick for paying off the electricity.

What’s Playing

Moive Poster Case

Movie posters display a great view of what is going to be watched - and enhance the mood significantly before the lights go out. Using push pins is out of the question - movie posters deserve the same treatment as in the theaters and need to be displayed with panache. This requires a poster box that can be placed on the wall or even on a tripod or stand. Don’t forget to lock the box and hold onto the key - one of the viewing public just might try and snag that poster for themselves!

Sit Down

Single seating

This ain’t high school so no folding chairs or couches - there has to be the kind of seats that do more than just provide a cup holder. Go with comfy and cushioned examples of the breed to really enjoy what is being watched. Your fanny will thank you for it.

Of course you can also go for some mass seating arrangement that still shows off how different a viewing experience going to the (your name here) house is. And isn’t that half the reason why you went to all this trouble - to show off?

Elite Cuddle Couch


Concession Stand

Movie Marquee

Ticket Booth

Movie Poster Case

Single Seating

Group Seating