Rankings Blu Ray Players - 10 Best Blu-ray DVD Players on the Market

Rankings Blu Ray Players - 10 Best Blu-ray DVD Players on the Market
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Budget Blu-ray players

If you’re in the market for a new Blu-ray player, you’re in luck. Prices have been dropping steadily since their explosion to the forefront back in 2008. And, what’s even better is that you can now get quality Blu-ray DVD players for under $200.

For the budget consciousness, there are some options. The Memorex MVBD2510 is only $175 and is quite easy to use and install. Its image quality is better than can be expected for a budget Blu-ray player. The only issue that your old DVDs won’t look as nice on this one.

One step up from this is, surprisingly, the videogame console Sony PlayStation. For around $400, you can not only play your videogames on it, but your Blu-ray DVDs too- with extraordinary image quality. For right around the same price, the Sony BDP-S350 has amazing image quality and great upscaling for DVDs. It’s BD-Live compatible and has decoding for Dolby TrueHD.

Just like their HD televisions, Samsung has a Blu-ray player that is just as highly rated. The BD-P2550 for around $300 allows you to stream Netflix movies and Pandora music. (You can also stream Netflix movies on the LG BD300.) The only issue with streaming movies on these Blu-ray players is that they won’t have the quality of a Blu-ray DVD. Speaking of the LG BD300, the quality of this player is quite good, and the price is just about right at around $300. LG’s are usually reliable and always sleek looking.

Blu-ray DVD players for the Home Theater

Starting to move up in the price range, Pioneer BDP-51FD provides the viewer an amazing picture quality and true HD quality. The sound is nearly perfect on this model. This model also comes with additional features, including Pioneer’s Home Media gallery for photos, home movies and music.

For around $500, the Denon 1800HD is one of the few Denon’s that is affordable for most people. Denon’s are usually some of the highest rated Blu-ray DVD players, and this one is no different. You can’t beat it’s great sound quality and amazing picture.

Another Pioneer makes the list, but for those looking to accessorize their home theater system. It’s generally out of the reach of the average budget consumer, but would be a great additional to those looking for quality above price. The Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD at around $800 provides for the ultimate home theater experience with near-perfect sound quality and high-contrast image quality.

For those that want more than a Playstation, the Sony BDP-S500ES (around $1,900) comes with Super Bit Mapping and “14-bit Deep Color” that allows you to have the most perfect picture quality. This television also makes DVD upscaling even better with

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Sony’s Precision Cinema feature.

The final Blu-ray player on the list is also the most expensive. The Denon DVD 3800 BDCI for about $1,300 is for the serious home theater aficionado. But, there’s no denying its appeal. The machine comes with a 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset for the best audio/visual quality and Advanced AL24 audio processing. With the combination of amazing features and wonderful sound and picture quality, this Blu-ray player can’t be beat.