What are the Top Rated Flat Screen Televisions? Rating Flat Panel TVs

What are the Top Rated Flat Screen Televisions? Rating Flat Panel TVs
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Sony KV-32FS320 32-Inch FD Trinitron WEGA Flat-Screen TV

The WEGA series was perhaps one of Sony’s best product lines. The Sony KV-32FS320 FD Trinitron WEGA Flat-Screen TV was no exception. This 32-inch flat-screen TV measures 35.3x26.89x23 inches and has a 16:9 enhanced mode that delivers great picture quality. It has stereo speakers with 10 watts per channel and SRS WOW simulated surround sound. You can also view your JPEG images using the TV’s memory stick port. This top-rated flat-screen TV has component, composite, S-video and RF connections that accommodate a range of video components. This flat-screen TV also enhances resolution through its digital comb filter that removes blurred edges between colors and reduces dot crawl. (Price: $150.00)

Sharp 27-F543 27" Flat-Screen TV


When it comes to flat-screen TVs Sharp will not let the competition outdo them. Sharp’s 27-F543 27-inch flat-screen TV measures 30x23.5x20.3 inches and boasts a 2-line digital comb filter, velocity scan modulation, and contrast enhancer. It also has parental control (V-chip) so you can rest assured that your kids will not be watching something they shouldn’t. This flat-screen TV also has a MTS (multi-channel TV sound) decoder that receives and decodes stereo and SAP. For its connectivity features, this flat-screen TV has S-video input, front and dual rear A/V inputs, and component-video input. In addition, setting up this TV the first time you turn it on is easily done with EZ Setup feature. It will prompt you to attach the cable or antenna and start setting up the channels with one-touch button control. Other features of the Sharp 27-inch flat screen TV include color temperature control, tone control, sleep timer, closed captioning and velocity modulation scanning. (Price: $225.00)

Toshiba 27AF45 27" Flat Screen TV (Silver)

Toshiba 27AF45 27

The Toshiba 27AF45 is a 27-inch flat screen TV priced moderately and it boasts some powerful functionality. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio that lets you view a variety of formats including widescreen display. It has a comb filter, invar shadow mask, velocity scan modulation, parental control V-chip, sleep timer, optional Spanish interface, remote control, headphone jacks, and rear and front connectors. For its audio features, this flat-screen TV has 2.5 watt speakers that provide virtual surround sound with MTS stereo, a sound leveler and secondary audio programming capability. The TV measures 29 1/8"x 22 5/8" x 19 1/2". (Price: $335.00)

Panasonic CT-27SL14 27" Flat Screen TV

Panasonic CT-27SL14 27

If you’re keen on getting this Panasonic CT-27SL14 27-inch flat-screen TV, well good luck as you probably won’t find them in stock. Your best bet would be to look for used models at Amazon or another electronic store. Why would you go to the trouble of finding this TV? What if we tell you that this flat-screen TV combines an incredibly sharp, realistic picture with virtual surround in an attractive chassis. It’s screen reduces glare and reflection while maximizing the viewing angles in your TV room. This flat-screen TV provides a clean, crisp image with minimum distortion even on traditional analog TV signals and digital video sources. The Panasonic CT-27SL14 flat-screen TV has video picture memory settings for an enhanced viewing experience. It has a 3-line digital comb filter, virtual surround sound and a high definition sound processor. (Price: $199.99)

Samsung TX-P2734 27" Flat Screen TV

Samsung TX-P2734 27

The last top-rated flat-screen TV on our list is the Samsung TX-P2734 27-inch Flat Screen TV. This set measures only 28.7x22.6x19.1 inches and features a 4H digital comb filter that minimizes edge image artifacts and improves transition detail. It also has an Invar Shadow Mask for eliminating picture discolorization due to heat. With its 4:3 aspect ratio, this Samsung flat-screen TV is perfect for viewing analog broadcast TV and pan-and-scan formatted video at a resolution of 480i. For optimizing the picture quality it has four video presets and user-adjustable settings for brightness, contrast, sharpness, color and tint. Other features of this Samsung flat-screen TV include DynaFlat antidistortion, antiglare dark-tint picture tube, component, S-video and two composite rear inputs and side composite and S-video inputs, 7-watt-per-channel stereo speakers with MTS and SAP support and Turbo Sound loudness control. (Price: $289.99)