External TV Speakers Small Size Yet Great Sound

External TV Speakers Small Size Yet Great Sound
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Dual 5 1/4" Black 3-Way 100 Watt Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers

The 5 1/4" Black 3-Way 100 Watt Loudspeakers may be a little bit old but they still pack in decent sound quality with their power handling of up to 50 watts RMS and 100 watts peak. They feature a 4" polyelite woofer with PVA treated surround, 40mm polycone midrange and 20mm piezo dome tweeters. That simply means that these speakers provide you with superb sound quality. In addition they are also capable of 4-6 ohms impedance and have a frequency response of 100HZ-20kHz. These speakers are small enough at the following dimensions - 13 x 11 x 7 inches and lightweight as well at 6lbs. They come with a non-removable aluminum grille and rotating logo which provides you with more options for mounting the speakers. ($35.53)

Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose® Companion® 2 Multimedia Speaker System

Next on our list is a speaker system from a more popular electronics accessories brand - Bose. The Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speaker System are not your standard speakers. They provide full-range sound for playing DVDs, streaming videos, playing video games and more. The Bose 2 Companion 2 Speaker System features TrueSpace surround digital processing circuitry that widens the image of closely placed speakers, ported cabinet design that delivers clear, deep low musical tones as well as special effects for movie and games, dual inputs, convenient control and jack placement for easy access to volume control, headphone jack and other connections. In addition, this speaker system also boasts magnetically shielded design and automatic tonal balance. ($71.43)

Jobsite LSO-5 5-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

JobSite LSO-5 5-Inch Indoor:Outdoor Speakers

The LSO-5 speakers can be used indoors or outdoors since they are outfitted with glass and mineral-filled polypropylene enclosures that protect the speakers from UV rays and other weather conditions. Despite the the noise outdoors, you can still enjoy watching TV in the comfort of your porch as these speakers produce great sound. But let’s put aside the outdoors experience and concentrate on indoor TV watching first. You can use these speakers as front or rear satellite speakers for your home entertainment system. Don’t worry if the speakers default white color will not match the interior design of your room since you can repaint the speakers body any time you want.

For the Jobsite LSO-5 5-inch speakers technical features, here goes - 5-inch mica-filled polypropylene woofer with a butyl surround, 0.75-inch liquid-cooled polycarbonate tweeter with frequency response of 110Hz to 20 kHz, recommended power handling of 5 to 75 watts, 8-ohm impedance and gold-plated, recessed five-way binding post speaker terminals that produce the best possible audio performance. Each of the speakers measure only 7x9.25x6.62 inches. (Price: $132.34)

JBL Venue Series Stage 6-inch 3-way Speaker

JBL Venue Series Stage 6-Inch 3-Way Speaker

This floorstanding loudspeaker from JBL is part of the company’s Venue Series which provides you with clear, accurate audio for your home theater. It features a 3/4-inch titanium-laminated tweeter, a 4-inch PolyPlas midrange, and a 6-inch PolyPlas woofer. It utilizes the Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide for quality sound no matter where you place the speakers in a room. This 6-inch 3-way speaker system is also equipped with a FreeFlow flared port for increased bass response in addition to giving you clear and distortion-free notes. (Price: $199.99)

Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

What I really like about Logitech products is the fact that most, if not all of them, are cheap. But that doesn’t mean that Logitech’s products are of low-quality. On the contrary most, if not all, of their products are actually good, such as this LS 21.1 Stereo Speaker System which you can have for only $29.99. The Logitech LS21 Stereo Speaker System provides full, balanced acoustics, rich mids and clear highs, rich deep bass for enhanced movie viewing, gaming and music listening. It is also small and compact allowing you to reduce the clutter of your home entertainment setup. (Price: $29.99)