Learn How to Mount Your First Flat Screen Television.

Learn How to Mount Your First Flat Screen Television.
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There are some things that you need to do and some things you should really consider before, during and after hanging your flat screen television.

First of all, you should probably hang your flat screen television on an interior wall. It’s harder to drill into exterior walls because there are usually more obstacles behind them. Next, learn your local building and fire codes.

Now, you need to figure out the optimal position and height of your television. You want to make sure that it’s low enough so that you can see it without straining your neck, but high enough so that it’s not awkward to view it.


Before you start make sure you have the right materials.

Mounting hardware: Most televisions will use Video Electronic Standards Association brackets, but it’s good to confirm this before you go out and buy anything.

Stud finder: You need to nail your brackets into wood studs. If you have metal studs in your house, you will not be able to mount a flat screen television.

Measuring tape: To figure out how to mount your brackets correctly, you should use your measuring tape to measure the distance

between the bottom of the wall bracket to the bottom of your television. Next, mark with a pencil where you would like the bottom panel of your television to be. Using the distance measurement from the first figure, mark where you would like the bottom of the bracket to be. Do the others.

Utility knife/drywall saw: You will have to cut into the wall if you plan on running your connecting cables behind your wall. Do not run your power cable behind walls.

Leveler: Use this to make sure that the marks you made for the brackets are even.

Hanging Your Television

Next, you need to mount your brackets. To do this, turn off the power to the area where you will be working. There will be two pieces to the brackets. One piece will go into the wall, and the other will attach to your television. Always use a stud finder that allows you to see the exact middle of the stud so you can be sure that you’re at the center of your wood studs. Mark this with a pencil.

Source: ehow.com

Where you made the measurements for where the end of the bracket should be, line it up with your bracket so that the bottom of the bracket touches the mark. You should have a helper working with you so this can be their job. Drill a hole into the bracket’s screw hole and screw in the screws. Screw in the other bracket. Use the level to double-check that the brackets are even.

Next, remove the plastic caps from the back of the television. These cover the holes that you need to attach the brackets. Keep the flat screen television face up or lean it against a couch or other sturdy object. Never place it down face first. Screw in the brackets at the corresponding holes.

Now, follow the directions in the owner’s manual to verify that you are mounting the television correctly, especially if you’ve bought brackets that allow your television to swivel or move up and down. Have a helper assist you whenever you are handling the television or going up and down a ladder. And, then, enjoy!