PS3 Setting Up a Media Server

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Many have bought the new Sony Playstation 3, which makes use of Blu-Ray media, but a lot of people are missing out on the full experience by just limiting their PS3 to games. You can of course do much more with the console, such as streaming any type of content stored on your PC, like looking at a photograph or listening to music.

If you have no idea of how to set up a media server for your PS3 read onwards for a simple step-by-step guide on exactly what you need to do. For more information about running a media server on your PS3 you can consult the following Brighthub articles:

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PS3: Connecting and Configuring

First you need to connect your PS3 to the same router as your PC, preferably via an Ethernet cable . Make sure that your firewall is not blocking this connection and if needed turn it off temporarily; it should configure the connection automatically or ask you if you wish to allow it. Now, from the PS3 screen, go to Settings, Network Settings and enable Internet Connection. You may need to enter a password if you’ve set one up.

Next go to Network Settings and find Media Server Connection in order to enable it (x button to switch). Now it should be able to detect your PC.

Windows Media Player 11: Configuring

Open WMP11 and right-click on the Library Tab; a drop-down will appear and you need to select Media Sharing in order to open an option box. Now you can configure your sharing settings. Tick the “Share my media to” box and select your PS3, or “Unknown Device”. Click OK and it should be set-up.

You can now navigate to Photo, Music or Video on your PS3 screen and search until your PC shows up, where you can now easily access streaming content and other stuff through WMP11. You can also connect a USB drive or external drive if you wish, in order to access the content in it (i.e. if you have DivX or movies stored there). Simply plug the USB attachment to any of the USB ports in your PS3 and you should be good to go.


Most popular file formats are supported by the PS3 (i.e. mp3, WAV, AVI etc..) but there are some which aren’t. If you wish you can also share media via the PS3 Media Server which transcodes unsupported formats (i.e. Flash video) on the fly and make them playable on the console. This program is free and it is simple to set it up.

Lastly make sure your USB device uses a FAT32 system or its contents won’t be readable by the PS3.