Media Server Program for the PS3

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Play On Strong

It took me almost a week and more than 80 man-hours of labor to setup my home theater server and media center, but it was worth it. Before my media server, I thought the same thing you’re probably thinking right now reading this article, “what could I possibly be missing out on?” Well, you can get a taste of what you’re missing by re-purposing your PS3 into a make-shift media server. How do you do that? Let’s take a look:

First, you’ll need a few things

Playstation 3 System – it goes without saying that you’ll need a PS3 for the PS3 media server to work

A computer running XP or Vista – right now, Windows 7 isn’t entirely supported yet

Software from Play-On

And then you’ll install everything to your PC

  1. Download Play-On via the link above, there’s a 14 day trial for you to determine whether or not you like the program and want to buy it

  2. After you’ve downloaded the program, run it and install it, just run through the prompts and install it to your program files. Make sure to make a shortcut to the program on your desktop

  1. Once you have the program installed, it’s time to run it – double click on the shortcut on your desktop and run the program

  2. Now, head over to your PS3 and boot it up

  3. Once the PS3 is fully turned on and you can manipulate the Media bar, navigate over to the videos section

  4. If you set up the program correctly, you should see the Play-On Media Server as a source under the videos tab

  5. Click on the Play-On Media server and you should have multiple categories that you can check out, including Hulu, Netflix and the like

  1. To watch your local media, just configure the Play-On software on your PC to allow it to check for the folders that have your media

  2. Now when you go onto the Play-On Server on your PS3, it’ll be ready to play all your media files as well as the online sources that Play-On comes pre-installed with

The server application is very simple to use, just follow these steps above and you’ll have your media server up and running in no time. If you find that you want to get more customization and options out of your media center, come back and read our MPEG4 h.264 player media server article for more information on the software necessary to build your own home theater PC set-up.