Can I View AVI Files on My DVD Player - AVI to DVD Conversion

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Can I view AVI files on a DVD player? In a single word, “yes”. However, unless you specifically bought your DVD player to play AVI files, you’re not going to be able to accomplish this without some computer skills and a lot of blank DVDs.

There’s two ways to accomplish this feat:

1. With an AVI-Codec Equipped DVD Player

An AVI-equipped DVD player is the best friend of your home entertainment center. Using this technology, you can finally watch all your AVI files up on the big screen, and it makes a huge difference to be able to do that without needing the software and hardware necessary from Part 2 of this article. A well-equipped AVI-playing DVD player will set you back about $45, and Amazon has a great deal on one. The Player should also have a USB drive for easy access – this is essential if you don’t want to keep burning DVDs with your AVI files on them.

If that’s what you’re looking for, a USB DVD player is a bit more expensive, but will more than pay for itself over time, like the Phillips DVP-5960. This solution is best if you’re looking to quickly and efficiently swap out AVI files over a prolonged period. However, if you’re looking for a Blu-Ray Player that does the exact same thing described above and is even more powerful to handle those scenes that a DVD player stutters on, try the Sony PS3 – SonyStyle has an offer going where they’ll take $100 off the price of the system if you sign up for their credit card, this is something you shouldn’t pass up. With the PS3 or with the DVP-5960, the way to watch your AVI files is incredibly simple – just copy, paste, plug and play. The whole process should be seamless.

2. With a Regular DVD Player and Software for Conversion

This process is much more tedious and costly than the one in Part 1 just above. The reason I say this is because you’ll essentially be converting the AVI to DVD format for every AVI that you want to view. This obviously makes it very difficult to quickly and efficiently watch your AVI files. The conversion process is often long and arduous, and even after that, you still need to burn it to a DVD, which you’ll have to buy consistently. Ultimately, a pack of 50 DVDs costs $25, so at the end of the year, when you’ve gone through 150 DVDs burning individual files for viewing – you’ll wish you had bought the DVP-5960 and a good flash drive (at least 4-8 Gigs).

Follow these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to watching all your favorite AVI files on your television set. Remember to buy the DVD player only after you’ve done some research – because while the DVP-5960 is a great player, you need power behind it to be able to play your files loss-less-ly.

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