DVD Player Cleaner Tips and Tricks - How to Clean a DVD Player?

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Cleaning the Body of Your DVD Player

Luckily for us, cleaning DVD players is similar to how we clean other electronic appliances and computer units. As DVD player construction and design is very similar to computers, pay attention to the areas where dust is most likely to build up. Look out for vent areas and when you find out the dust has accumulated, do not use an air duster or blow away the dust off as you might push it inside your DVD player. A not-so-big feather duster should do the trick, but dust if gently away from your DVD player. It is of utmost important that this vent is free from dust and lint as heat dissipating from the inside of your DVD Player might not escape, causing the DVD player to overheat. A DVD player also has a fan inside that keeps it cool. A malfunctioning fan inside your DVD Player might cause your player to break down. A good way to clean this vent is by using a can of compressed air. Softly spray into the vent to clear out the dust from building up.

For other external parts of your DVD player, use a soft, moistened cloth that absorbs dust.

Cleaning Your DVD Player’s Lens

Cleaning your DVD player’s lens is as important as cleaning the external parts of your DVD player. A clean DVD player Lens ensures that your DVD disc would be read properly. Unfortunately, your DVD player’s Lens accumulate as much dust and lint as the other parts of the DVD player. The good news is, there are many available DVD lens cleaner kits that you can purchase and use to clean your DVD player. What’s more, these DVD lens cleaners kits won’t cost you a fortune.

Here are three suggested DVD Lens Cleaner that should do the job of cleaning your DVD Player’s lens.

Memorex Laser Lens Cleaner for DVD - This cleaner contains six soft brushes that gently remove dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants from your DVD player’s lens. (Price: $6.09)

Maxell DVD-LC DVD Lens Cleaner - This DVD Lens cleaner features the “Thunderon Brush System” and include tests for audio performance including Dolby 5.1 surround sound. It also features an interactive on-screen instructions in 8 languages including system set-up. (Price: $10.81)

Allsop 23321 Carbon-Edge DVD and CD-Drive Cleaner - This DVD Lens Cleaner features an 8 brush carbon-system with carbon edge that removes static build-up from your DVD Players. It prevents skipping and also improves the sound and picture output of your DVD Player. ($13.11)