Will an AVI File Play on a DVD Player?

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Checking Our Equipment

Before going on, we need to know a little bit about our equipment at. The capabilities of our equipment will determine how we will watch AVI files on our DVD.

The main consideration at this point will be to determine what DVD disks our player supports. These can be:

  • DVD+RW (DL)
  • DVD-RW (DL)
  • DVD+R (DL)
  • DVD-R (DL)
  • DVD-VR

The DL acronym in the parenthesis is “Dual Layer”, with which you can enjoy twice the capacity of a DVD disk. You can check your product’s user manual for the type(s) of DVD disks it can play or simply visit the manufacturer’s website and check for your specific model. When you find out which one(s) are supported, then you will have to purchase one these types of blank DVD media if you don’t already have some blank discs.

But before that, you also have to make sure that your DVD writer supports burning these media types. If you have a newer computer which has a Super-Multi feature (you can see this labelled on your DVD tray) then you’re good to go.

When you find the DVD media which both your DVD writer can write and your DVD player can play, this part of the job is finished.

DVD Player Capable of Playing DivX Files

If our DVD player is capable of playing DivX files, then our task will be easier. What we will do is convert our AVI file’s encoding to the one that your DivX Player supports (just to avoid confusion here, the DivX and XviD files also have the AVI extension, we are just converting from one encoding to another. If your video has .divx or .xvid file extension, this doesn’t matter, you can just go on with the steps below.)

Convert your AVI file’s encoding to be compliant with your DVD/DivX Player. If you are using Windows as your operating system, SUPER Video Converter has a nice feature to convert the file to be compliant with any DVD player. If you are using Linux, you can go for WinFF which is an easy to use video converting program. In this case you can choose “MS Compatible AVI” as your output file. Then open up your disc burning software and select “Create Data DVD.”

If you are buying a new DVD player prices have dropped significantly so it won’t be hard to get one with DivX support. If you have the available budget for it, go with one that has an upscaling feature. Most of these players also have a USB slot so you can copy your movie file to a USB Thumb Drive and watch it on your player without any additional effort burning disks.

DVD Player Not Capable of Playing DivX Files

In this case, our only option will be to convert our AVI file to a regular DVD file with the appropriate file structure. Again, if you are a Windows user, you can use SUPER Video Converter or if you are a Linux user you can go with ManDVD. When you are finished, open up your disc burning software and choose the option to “Create Video DVD.” ManDVD has this option in its last screen, so no additional effort is needed.