How High Should I Hang a Flat Screen TV - Mounting Flat Screen Television

How High Should I Hang a Flat Screen TV - Mounting Flat Screen Television
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Flat Screen Wall Mount Hardware

Selecting a good wall mount is crucial. You likely paid a pretty penny for your flat screen TV, and you want to be sure that it won’t come crashing down due to a less-than-sturdy wall mount fixture. Opt for a good brand name, even if it means spending a little more. Consider it an investment to protect your flat screen television. Make sure the wall mount is the right size for your flat screen’s size and weight, as well.

Hanging the wall mount for your flat screen television is not too difficult. Typically all you will need in order to hang it is a screwdriver and perhaps a drill. Before you hang the flat screen television mount on the wall, though, you need to determine precisely where and how high you want to hang the flat screen TV.

Where to Hang a Flat Screen TV

There are several factors to consider when deciding where and how high you should hang a flat screen television. If possible, have a second person help you with this determination. In the room where you want to mount the flat screen TV, sit on the sofa, lie on the bed or get cozy in whatever position you would normally watch television. If the flat screen television is large and heavy, have the second person hold a picture frame or something similar up against the wall where you want to hang the flat screen TV. Many people tend to hang flat screen televisions rather high in order to balance the room aesthetically. However, if you hang the TV too high, it may be uncomfortable to sit with your neck bent in order to see properly, especially in a smaller room. If you find you are craning your neck or have a difficult time seeing that far, consider another height or wall.

Also, consider whether there will be any glare from opposite or nearby windows or even light fixtures. Take the time to experiment at several different times during the day and evening. Using a picture frame with glass will help you check for glare. If you have trouble finding just the right spot, you might want to rearrange the room and try again.

How to Hang a Flat Screen TV

Wall Mounted Flat Screen TV

Once you have determined how high and the general area of a wall on which you want to mount your flat screen television, you will need to find the wall’s studs. This is particularly important, since flat screen TVs tend to be quite heavy and fragile. The best way to find them is to invest in a stud finder. These tools are relatively inexpensive, and you can find them at your favorite hardware or home improvement store (or perhaps borrow one from your neighbor). Once you find the studs, use a level and a pencil to mark where your hardware should go.

Follow the directions on the flat screen television wall mounting hardware carefully and then hang the TV. You will be kicking back, watching your flat screen, and amazed at your own handiness in no time!

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